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chest Freezers - upright Fresh fruit & vegetables Fresh orange juice Fresh pasta Fromage frais Frozen bone-in beef Frozen bone-in pork Frozen boneless beef Frozen boneless pork Frozen fish Frozen foods Frozen fruit juice Frozen ready meals Frozen vegetables Fruit juices - diluted Fuel additives Fuel oil Furniture of other materials Furniture polish Garbage bags Gas ranges (cookers) Gasoline GDP GDP/CAPITA Generic Gin Glass Gloss paint GM buses GM cars GM trucks Gol Golf Gorgonzola cheese Gouda cheese GPS Grated cheese Grated coconut Grease Ground at point of sale Ground coffee Hair colouring Hair conditioners Hair dryers Hair spray Hair straighteners Hair treatment cream Ham Ham type Hamburgers Hard margarine Haste flexivel com ponta de algodao HDPE Heavy duty detergents Herbal tea Herbicides Hog rearing Honda Honey Hydrated alcohol Hyundai Hyundai trucks Ice cream Imported fruit Imported vehicles Imports Industrial condensed milk Industrial glues Industrial margarine Industrial milk powder Industrial paints Infant formula milk Insecticides (Agro) Inseticida liquido Instant coffee Instant coffee exports Instant glues Instant pasta Ironing aids Iveco Jams Jeep Jerked beef Juice extractors Ka Kombi La de aco Lampada incandescente Land Rover Lard LCD TV LDPE Leite asseptico Lenco de papel Life expectancy Lime Limpa vidro Limpadores com brilho Limpadores para banheiro (sanitarios) Limpadores para banheiros Linea Linguica sausages Lipstick Liqueurs Liquid bleach Liquid cleaners Liquid cooking oils Liquid insecticides Liquid milk Liquid soap Liquid sweeteners Liquid whey Liquid yoghurt LLDPE Low fat margarine Lubricating oil Luvas Manaus Massa alimenticia Mate tea Mayonnaise MDF MDP Meat balls Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz bus Mercedes Benz trucks Meriva Metal furniture Metal polish Microwave ovens Microwave ovens - prod Milk powder substitute Minas cheese Minas cheese (fresh) Mineral water Mineral water - Total Mineral water =<10 lt Mineral water =>20 lt Mini electric ovens Mistura para bolos doces e salgados Mitsubishi Mobile telephones Mobile telephones prod Molho pronto de tomate/desidratado Monosodium glutamate Montana Mopeds Morcela sausages Mortadela sausages Motor vehicles Motorcycles Mouthwashes Music tapes Muzzarela cheese Nail varnish Natal New Fiesta New flats New flats total News print Nissan Oleo + Azeite Olive oil Orange juice exports Other cereals & meals Other cheeses Other frozen foods Other fruit & vegetables Other meat products Other powdered desserts Other trucks Pacifiers Packet soups Paes de forma Palio Palm hearts Panettone Pano de limpeza Pao para lanche Paper handkerchiefs Paper napkins Paper towels Parmesan cheese Passenger cars Passenger cars (sales) Pasteurised cream Pasteurised milk A Pasteurised milk B Pasteurised milk B/C Pasteurised milk C Pate PC production Peanut butter Peixes e frutos do mar congelados Peppermint drops Personal computers PC PET Pet food Peugeot Citroen Pharmaceuticals Photocopiers Photographic films Plasma TV Plastic utensils Plastics Polo Popular aperitifs Popular biscuits Popular wine Pork Pork (slaughter) Pork fillet Pork sausages Pos shampoo Poultry Poultry (slaughter) Poultry rearing Powder sweeteners Powdered cereals Powdered chocolate drinks Powdered custard Powdered insecticides Powdered jello Powdered whey PP Prato cheese Pre-cooked cornmeal Premium aperitifs Premium biscuits Premium wine Prepackaged Printers Processed cheese Produto isotonico Produto limpeza para regiao das fralda Produto limpeza para regiao das fraldas Produto para lente de contato Provolone cheese PS Pulses Pure e polpa de tomate PVC Queijo - Massa dura - NOT IN NIELSEN Queijo - Massa mole - NOT IN NIELSEN Quibes Radio clocks Radio/recorders Razor blades Razor blades (prod) Ready to drink tea Ready to serve dishes Recipiente termico Records Refresco em po Refrigerante alcoolico Refrigerators Reino cheese Rejuvenescedor/rinsagem para cabelos Renault Repelente Rice Ricotta cheese RTD fruit flavour drinks RTD juice - Total RTD juice fresh RTD nectars and juices RTD soya based juices Rum Salad Salami Sales credit card Salgadinhos congelados Salsicha/Salsichao Salsichao sausages Sanitary towels Sanitary towels Sausages Scouring powder SCPC Seasoned pork cuts Seasonings Seeds Sewing machines Shampoo Shaving cream Shaving foam Shirts Shoe polish Shoes Shrimp Skimmed milk powder Skin cream/lotion Sliced cheese Snacks Soft Soft margarine Solid cooking oils/fats Solvents Sound equipment Soya beans Soya meal Spacefox Sparkling wine Spices Spirits Sports drinks Stainless steel Steel Steel wool Steppe cheese Sterilised cream Stick Stock cubes Strada Suco de fruta pronto para consumo Suco pronto para consumo Sugar exports Sugar preserves Sugar-industrial Sun care products Supermarket sales Sweetened powder drinks Synthetic sponges Tablet sweeteners Tablets Tablets/candy bars Talcum powder Tampons Tea bags Telephones in use Televisions (b&w) Televisions (colour) Televisions (colour) prod Tequila Textile and clothing Textiles Tintura e rejuvenescedor para cabelos Tissue paper Toasters Tobacco exports Toilet fresheners Toilet rolls Toilet soap bars Tomato ketchup Tomato paste Tomato paste & puree Tomato puree Tomato sauces Toothbrushes Toothpaste Total - 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