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Toilet paper, tissue moistened and disposable diapers will be more expensive

8/6/2018 - The turbulence in international trade should bring increased the price of toilet paper and other products in the category of tissues, which include items such as paper towels, handkerchief moistened and disposable diapers. The move, which comes the trailer of the possible increase in commercial rates, should gain strength and bring even more pressure on profits of companies in the sector, such as the P&G the greatest impetus comes from the increase in the price of pulp, main raw material for the

Mili launches the first toilet paper double sheet with 60 meters roll

12/20/2017 - Offering twice the paper without taking up twice the space, the Dual 60 Metres Double Sheet Mili ensures economy and advantage logistics for the entire chain, from the industry, to the trade and the consumer.

IPEL launches first line of toilet paper with Quad sheet in Brazil

12/1/2017 - Considered an innovative product, the first brand of toilet paper Quad sheet from Brazil, is the new and latest release of Indaial – IPEL, national manufacturer of tissue located in the southern region of the country, in the municipality of Santa Catarina of Indaial.

Mili Creates the Dual Line 60 Double Sheet

8/25/2017 - The manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products Mili Launches Dual 60, a two-ply toilet paper with 60 meter rolls in four formats: with 4, 6, 12 and 18 rolls.

Suzano will launch his own brand of toilet paper

8/3/2017 - Suzano will spend the next months preparing your arrival in the Brazilian retail sector. In a recent reorganization, the pulp and paper manufacturer has created a division dedicated to consumer goods, with the aim of launching a brand – still not defined – in stores from January 2018. To prepare the ground for this new business, the company invested $540 million R.

Santa Clara Expands line of Disinfectant

7/10/2017 - The Santa Clara, brand of cleaning products, extends your line with the disinfectant 2 litre versions with eucalyptus Floral fragrances, lavender, pine and Herbal and size 5 litres in Eucalyptus, lavender and Floral essences.

Changed consumer habits and industry must change too, say experts

6/2/2017 - In Latin America, Brazil remains the biggest market, with sales of $ $2.3 billion in 2016, 35% of the total in this region of the globe. "In the segments served by this industry, Brazil leads the market in paper towels and toilet paper," he said. A trend still small in Brazil pointed to by Moritsugu is away from home, mainly to institutional channels as industries, businesses, hotels, restaurants, catering, hospitals, malls, schools, among others. For him, there are chances of tissue market g

Kimberly Clark reduces costs and profits in the first quarter

4/26/2017 - Kimberly Clark, American multinational consumer sector, ended the first quarter of this year with net profit of $563 million, an increase of 3% compared to the same period in 2016. With stable sales, cost reduction was important for the company to expand the last line of your swing.

Hygiene and beauty was the section with greatest drop in gross margin in 2016

4/17/2017 - Hygiene and beauty section had 6.8 percentage points in retreat gross margin last year, reaching 30%. Fall is greater than the total of the sections, which was 4.4%. That''s what points survey conducted by SM with more than 300 supermarket owners from all over the country.

Renova is ready for spring

3/23/2017 - Parallel to this, the Renova offers napkins for the Easter season, decorated with festive motifs and details that mimic nature, in limited edition.

Toilet paper has become more charged in 9 States

2/24/2017 - High rates of the tax on inheritances and donations (ITCMD) is one of the weapons that the States met to address the drop in tax collection in recent years, while the unpopular expenditure adjustment meets resistance from various sectors. To give an idea, 25 of 27 Federation units saw its revenue shrink in 2015, compared to 2014, according to data from platform Compares Brazil. That year, the River was the State with the biggest drop: 24.47% tumble, to 52 billion, according to R$ updated values

Kimberly Clark Paraguay throws toilet paper for kids

1/31/2017 - Scott, Kimberly-Clark brand, launches its new line of toilet paper, back to the public playground, call Scott Aprendizaje line, which features a fun project and wants to draw the attention of children to help them adopt hygiene and adequate sustainability of an intuitive way.

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