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Coca-Cola launches coffee-flavored version in Brazil

7/26/2018 - Attentive to the Brazilian palate, Coca-Cola announced that it started selling around the coffee-flavored version of your primary coolant. According to the company, the new product will be part of the fixed portfolio of the brand in Brazil.

Unilever''s sales grow higher than expected in 1Q

4/24/2017 - London-Unilever unveiled an unexpected acceleration of quarterly sales, reinforcing the argument that can improve performance alone, after refusing an offer to buy Kraft''s Heinz, to 143 billion dollars in February. The manufacturer of products such as Knorr soups and the Dove soap, which earlier this month announced a renewal of your business in response to the interest of acquisition, said that the improvement of economies and rising commodity costs helped lift prices in the first quarter.

Arcor extends candy line options with flavor that mimics mousse

8/1/2016 - With diversified portfolio, the line of chocolates of Arcor is dessert option practice, now mixing the remarkable flavor of the lemon with the softness of white chocolate. The new Bon Bon Lemon Mousse arrives bringing greater diversity to the brand, which includes the flavors Brigadier, Kiss, peanut and Chocolate Mousse. Anderson Freire, marketing manager for chocolates, sweets and biscuits of Arcor, is precisely this variety the great differential of Bon Bon. "These are flavors that appeal to t

Hot Soups Are More Expensive This Winter

6/23/2016 - Climatic variations that the metropolitan region of São Paulo has passed in recent weeks have influenced the price of some of the main ingredients of soups and broths, earning the meals during this period. That''s what points of the Trade Federation study of goods, services and tourism of the State of São Paulo (FecomercioSP) prepared on the basis of the IPCA, the IBGE. The main ingredient in a bean soup, for example, is 35.82% more expensive than a year ago. According to economic assistance, t

Healthy food gets taste of Brazil

10/15/2015 - Until 2019 healthy products market and focused on welfare must move $ 108,5 billion in Brazil. Looking at this potential, companies are betting on diversity of products and e-commerce to increase revenues and fend off the ghost of the crisis the country faces.

Gourmet beef search space in Europe

10/14/2015 - Responsible for the second largest export revenue of Brazilian beef in 2015, European countries are known for the refined palate. It is for them that the Country embarks some of the cuts.

Food service grows more than the franchise industry

9/9/2015 - With 45 franchises in Brazil, rede Parmeggio Grill follow optimistic. To the Director of network operations, Sergio Olmos, the fact the Brazilian feed increasingly out of favor the House brands that operate in the sector. "Prioritize the quality to differentiate in this crowded market, however, is the secret to stand out in the taste of the consumer," he said.

Knorr Expands line of Food Service

7/15/2015 - The brand, controlled by Unilever Food Solutions Group, presents the basis of sundried tomato Knorr, ideal for the preparation of the sauce used in pizzas, the product weighs 750 g and yields up to 6.7 kg.

Vono launches two flavors of instant soups at the request of customers

5/15/2014 - The Vono launches two new flavours for winter: caldo verde and pea soup. Versions were the champions of requests through the SAC's Ajinomoto of Brazil, which is the manufacturer of the brand.

Unilever has high double digits in sales in the country

7/26/2013 - Despite the deceleration of the Brazilian economy, Unilever recorded double-digit high in sales in the second quarter in the country, reported yesterday the multinational global Chief Executive, Paul Polman. Behind the United States, Brazil is the second largest market of the anglo-Dutch maker of beauty products, cleaning and food. In 2012, the operation commanded by Fernando Fernandez grew 14%.

Vono launches soups of Turma da Mônica

7/25/2013 - The Ajinomoto launches a line of soups Vono with the characters of Monica's gang in the packs.

Yoki launches new flavors of the soup kitchen Kitano

7/22/2013 - The Yoki bet in regional flavors to the new versions of the soup kitchen, the Kitano.

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