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Company Acquires Bunge Margarine Assets

1/9/2020 - JBS informs the market that its subsidiary Seara Alimentos has entered into an agreement to acquire Bunge's margarine assets in Brazil, for the amount of R$ 700 million. The operation provides, among others, to manufacture contract on demand, and license and use of brands. The announcement took place last Friday (03). The transaction includes three production units located in Gaspar (SC), São Paulo (SP) and Suape (PE). By the agreement, several brands will be acquired, including Delícia, Primor

Banco Digital Investe in Plataformatec

1/9/2020 - Nubank, a financial services startup, bought the startup Plataformatec with the aim of getting talented employees, a process known as acqui-hiring. The team is formed by engineering professionals, software and agile methodologies, according to fintech. Some of these professionals have spent months at Nubank, as consultants and others participated in events at headquarters, which is in the city of São Paulo. The value of the acquisition was not disclosed.

41% of Startups Are Focused on the SaaS Model

1/9/2020 - In Brazil, startups focus on the SaaS business model that is the largest number of solutions (41.9%), followed by marketplaces (19.88%). That's what the survey of the Brazilian Association of Startups (Abstartups) says. Half of startups (48.7%) target the B2B public, while solutions for end customers and companies (B2B2C) are 27.2% of the business. Abstartups, has just over 12,800 companies mapped in its database, concentrated in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Al

Kalunga expects 12% to 15% increase in back-to-school sales

1/9/2020 - Kalunga expects growth of 12% to 15% in back-to-school sales this year compared to the 2019 campaign. The period is known as the "Christmas stationery" and should also help warm up retail earlier this year.

Mafra Hospital, dos Godoy Bueno, purchasedistributor of Express medicines

1/9/2020 - Mafra Hospital, from the company DNA Capital – controlled by the heirs of businessman Edson de Godoy Bueno, owners of the Dasa laboratory and group of hospitals Impar – bought the competitor Express, which makes R$ 1.5 billion. One of the largest drug distribution companies in the country, Mafra, which makes R$ 3 billion and owns Cremer (ex-Tarpon), wants to be a major consolidator of this sector, as the Homeland fund has done. The value of the business, which needs to be approved by cade (Admin

Electronic Market sees 30% growth with e-commerce expansion

1/10/2020 - After reaching R$ 100 billion in transactions last year, the Electronic Market, a Brazilian company leader in B2B e-commerce solutions in Latin America, sees potential for growth of around 30% this year due to the potential for expansion of the e-commerce.

Marfrig jumps almost 4% with possible vegetable pig launch

1/10/2020 - In the morning of Thursday, Marfrig's shares (MRFG3) are traded with strong appreciation, in a positive scenario for the sector with the expectation of increased exports. Today's edition of folha de S. Paulo's S.A Panel informs that the company is in the advanced stages of development to put its version of vegan "pork".

Sugar loaf puts fuel station network for sale, source says

1/10/2020 - Pão de Açúcar (PCAR4) put its fuel station network on sale, a source told alongside the issue on Thursday, continuing the group's strategy to focus on food retail.

Paranapanema announces new chief operating officer

1/10/2020 - Paranapanema (PNAM3) announced the name of Sérgio Arosti Maturana to take over the direction of operations after Alexandro Ávila de Moura resigned, the company said through a relevant fact released on Thursday (9).

Camil posts profit of R$ 66 million, down 7.9%

1/10/2020 - Camil (CAML3) recorded a net income of R$ 66 million in the quarter from September to November, down 7.9% compared to the same period in 2018, a document sent to the market on Thursday (9).

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