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Major retailers will invest more in 2014

12/20/2013 - The less optimistic scenario for retail in 2014, apparently affects more small entrepreneurs. The bi

Actual sales of supermarkets grow 3.26% in November, indicating Open

12/20/2013 - Supermarket industry sales in November had real high of 3.26% compared with the previous month and o

Kombi's last day of production

12/20/2013 - After the comings and goings surrounding the airbag legislation in recent days, who came to open the

Johnson's launches toothbrushes with theme of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

12/20/2013 - Johnson's launches a line of toothbrushes with the theme of the Fifa World Cup 2014. The Reach model

Antarctica creates cans for new year's Eve

12/20/2013 - Antarctica launches a limited-edition cans for new year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro. Beer is an official

Chilli Beans offers backpack for consumers

12/20/2013 - Chilli Beans creates a promotional action for its consumers. The initiative named California, on pur

Olive oil harvest mature's new premium of Gallo

12/20/2013 - Just arrived at Brazil another novelty in the line of fine quality olive oils Gallo: the mature crop

Ice Pet launches line of ice cream for dogs and cats

12/20/2013 - In the summer, time of year when the temperatures are higher, some pet care are indispensable. The d

Colorado brewery presents new beer Titans in honor of 30 years of band

12/20/2013 - The Colorado brewery joined the Titans to make the beer of celebration of 30 years of rock band, the

The release will be in 21 vacation Datamark December to 5 January

12/20/2013 - Dear reader, please be advised that we will be in layoffs from 21 December, returning on the sixth o

Market "pet" must earn $ 20 billion in 2020

12/19/2013 - GS consulting & MD-Gouvea de Souza projecting that the market "pet", of products and services for pe

Sunglass makers expect to grow 250%

12/19/2013 - Manufacturers and brands of sunglasses are expecting a growth of up to 250% in sales this summer. To

Goodyear reinvents the wheel with innovation-oriented culture

12/19/2013 - New markets for existing products, expansion of product categories and economy with the adoption of

Lubricants should pull Lwart expansion in 2014

12/19/2013 - While the growth project in the area of pulp still in gestation, the São Paulo Lwart group is reapin

Stella Artois launches special Christmas edition

12/19/2013 - Belgian beer Stella Artois brings to Brazil a special package to celebrate Christmas celebrations. T

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