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Toilet paper, tissue moistened and disposable diapers will be more expensive

8/6/2018 - The turbulence in international trade should bring increased the price of toilet paper and other products in the category of tissues, which include items such as paper towels, handkerchief moistened and disposable diapers. The move, which comes the trailer of the possible increase in commercial rates, should gain strength and bring even more pressure on profits of companies in the sector, such as the P&G the greatest impetus comes from the increase in the price of pulp, main raw material for the

CMPC Improvements launches napkins decorated for the holidays

11/29/2016 - The line Lips Collection – triple foil and napkins with decorated units 20 per package, now arrives in eight special versions of printed designs that recall the theme for a Christmas tree, ornaments, gifts, links and a lot of inspiration from the colors green, red and silver.

Dairy Scala invests in State-of-the-art logistics complex

10/14/2016 - The Dairy Scala, headquartered in Sacramento, in the High Paranaíba, is investing in a logistics complex in the city, which will feature (CD) distribution center, warehouse and logistic analysis processes, aiming at improving the productivity and delivery system of the company.

Mili launches premium napkins with dual function towel paper

4/26/2016 - The Mili presents to the market its new napkin with the innovative peer-to-peer technology. Called Milli Duplicatto, the product contains double sheets more resistant, soft and thick high absorption. The leaves are linked to each other, creating a kind of microbolsa of air, which makes the cutest paper and absorbent.

Hypermarcas can sell diapers area for Kimberly-Clark, says source

10/23/2015 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-Hypermarcas is in talks to sell its diapers for the American Group Kimberly-Clark, narrowing the focus of the Brazilian company on pharmaceuticals, said on Thursday a source with knowledge of the direct subject. The source, who declined to be identified because the negotiations are ongoing, did not inform the price of the transaction. An agreement will be announced in the next few days, added the source. Hypermarcas had hired Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Banco

Kimberly-Clark: Profit advances 2.9% in the third quarter, to $ 562 mi

10/21/2014 - Net income attributed to controllers of Kimberly-Clark, American manufacturer of consumer goods like tissue paper, advanced 2.9% during the third quarter compared with the same months of 2013, shows balance sheet disclosed on Tuesday. The figure totaled US $ 562 million.


9/26/2014 - The company, in partnership with Viacom's Nickelodeon Brazil, chose the character Spongebob to represent his candy lines

October sweet promises to pack the bullets

8/26/2014 - Companies in the industry of Bullets and derivatives are optimistic with the month of October, when the children's day and Halloween. In 2013, during this period, the bullets overcame 7% of production in 2012, when 79,309 tons were produced according to the Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Chocolates, cocoa, peanut Shells and derivatives (Abicab).

Santher reintroduces the brand of paper towels Snob

1/6/2014 - Snob ®, leading brand in sales and top of mind in the category of paper towels, renews its product line, associates, even more, the traditional quality with efficiency and practicality. The brand now has four products that meet, with high yield, the most diverse occasions. These products are presented to consumers in a new visual identity, which will arouse the attention of consumers.

Phillips's profit more than triples in second quarter

7/22/2013 - The Dutch Royal Philips increased its efficiency and, despite a higher level of taxes on the result, managed to more than triple the net income during the second quarter, compared with the same months last year, to 317 million euros. The high was more than 210%.

Manufacturing plans factory letter $ 1 billion

3/13/2013 - At the height of a corporate restructuring process and Bill more than $ 500 million a year, the Factory Letter, manufacturer of Deluxe brands of toilet paper and Cotton, diapers and sanitary napkins Diana, put in motion a plan to enter the Group of large global producers of tissue (tissue paper).

Profit of P&G fires and projection is revised

1/28/2013 - Procter Gamble & recorded a quarterly profit higher than expected, after the largest household products have higher prices applied and used new offers to revive growth in more complicated markets such as the USA. The P&G, a producer of Gillette razors and Pampers diapers, also said that profits must come up from their previous forecast and that sales should grow at the higher end of the estimate that you provide.

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