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Electronic Market sees 30% growth with e-commerce expansion

1/10/2020 - After reaching R$ 100 billion in transactions last year, the Electronic Market, a Brazilian company leader in B2B e-commerce solutions in Latin America, sees potential for growth of around 30% this year due to the potential for expansion of the e-commerce.

Marfrig jumps almost 4% with possible vegetable pig launch

1/10/2020 - In the morning of Thursday, Marfrig's shares (MRFG3) are traded with strong appreciation, in a positive scenario for the sector with the expectation of increased exports. Today's edition of folha de S. Paulo's S.A Panel informs that the company is in the advanced stages of development to put its version of vegan "pork".

Sugar loaf puts fuel station network for sale, source says

1/10/2020 - Pão de Açúcar (PCAR4) put its fuel station network on sale, a source told alongside the issue on Thursday, continuing the group's strategy to focus on food retail.

Paranapanema announces new chief operating officer

1/10/2020 - Paranapanema (PNAM3) announced the name of Sérgio Arosti Maturana to take over the direction of operations after Alexandro Ávila de Moura resigned, the company said through a relevant fact released on Thursday (9).

Camil posts profit of R$ 66 million, down 7.9%

1/10/2020 - Camil (CAML3) recorded a net income of R$ 66 million in the quarter from September to November, down 7.9% compared to the same period in 2018, a document sent to the market on Thursday (9).

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