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September, 2013

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Nestlé may sell slice of $ 30 billion in L ' Oréal

9/12/2013 - The Switzerland Nestle, the world's largest food company, is under pressure to clarify their intenti

New VW Golf will depart from R $ 67,990

9/12/2013 - Volkswagen takes place this Saturday (7) an event in Germany in which formalises the arrival of the

Production fell 9.2 percent in the year, to 1.1 million units, according to A...

9/12/2013 - SAO PAULO-the production of motorcycles continues skating. 157.4 million motorcycles were manufactur

Fiat and Vw lost sales in 2013

9/12/2013 - Fiat and Volkswagen, the two automakers to head the Brazilian automotive market, are also the greate

Mary Kay raises estimate of expansion

9/12/2013 - Mary Kay, American company of direct sales of cosmetics, expects to grow 70% in Brazil in 2013 compa

Signature on the bottles of Jack Daniel's will change

9/12/2013 - The traditional signature recorded for decades in the bottles of Whiskey Jack Daniel's will change.

Apple tries to broaden its reach with new iPhones

9/12/2013 - Apple Inc. introduced yesterday two new iPhones in an effort to expand the company's reach into new

German Hall seeks a direction for automobile

9/11/2013 - In the past, the roar of engines spoke for themselves. Some time later, the vehicle manufacturers wa

Apple launches new iPhone and creates popular model

9/11/2013 - As expected a few weeks ago, Apple today introduced not just one, but two new iPhone models: the 5 c

In retail sets, the competition will increase

9/11/2013 - The arrival of the American Gap only confirms that the fashion retail in Brazil, a very fragmented s

Car back to be sold in 60 months

9/11/2013 - To spawn 15 more days to stock up on vehicles, the concessionaire Palazzo, resale General Motors bra

Castle makes promotion and throws in larger packaging sauces

9/11/2013 - The Castle leads to market the Food salad dressings of your brand in promotional packaging of 236 ml

Manufacturers throw TVs and monitors of greater value to pull sales

9/11/2013 - The manufacturers of TVs and monitors have invested in the launch of products with higher added valu

Mercedes-Benz back to produce cars in Brazil in 2015

9/11/2013 - A decade and a half after seeing frustrated his first attempt to produce cars in Brazil, Mercedes-Be

Production of cars should lose pace until the end of the year

9/11/2013 - Drew attention last week to revise the goals by the automobile industry to 2013, with the expectatio

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