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September, 2013

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American hamburger restaurant Johnny Rockets arrives in Brazil with 18 milksh...

9/19/2013 - It took a decade and cost a judicial process, for which the first restaurant of traditional American

House Miles introduces new concentrated softener

9/19/2013 - Super Amacitel is the new fabric softener concentrate the House MILES. The new line has concentrated

Trade and sales of cars retreat

9/19/2013 - Trade sales in the city of São Paulo and of vehicles in the country are dropping this month. This re

Coca-Cola launches açaí with banana nectar

9/19/2013 - Coca-Cola Brazil debut his special line of NECTARS Del Valle Recently with Acai + banana flavor. The

Force invests $ 20 million to sell Greek yogurt

9/19/2013 - The Force, dairy company of J&F group, the holding company that controls the JBS, launches today an

Resetting the wine can reach 25%, says importers

9/18/2013 - The combination of the highest dollar with the increase in the value-added tax charged in São Paulo

Cachaça market stands out among the distillates

9/18/2013 - Cachaça is the third most consumed distillate in the world and is considered, by federal decree, cul

In NECTARS juice content of grape and Orange will reach 50% in 2016

9/18/2013 - The Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento published on 12 September in the Diário Ofic

Brazil follows as fourth largest automotive market in the world

9/18/2013 - Swing Jet Dynamics consulting based on formal license plates made until July, shows that the Brazil

Kimberly-Clark launches different diapers for boys and girls

9/18/2013 - Kimberly-Clark launches the disposable diaper Huggies Turma da Mônica Supreme Care, both boys and gi

Unilever adopts pouch of 2 litres for detergent in Italy

9/18/2013 - Unilever adopts Italian stand-up pouches of 2 liters with the detergent feeder for spout Eco Svelto

Valley of the Sun innovates with apples of Scooby-Doo in stand-up pouches

9/18/2013 - The Sun Valley Fruit innovates on the presentation gala or fuji apples cati. Packages of 1 kilo, sta

Vehicles produced by Audi in Brazil will have 35% domestic content

9/18/2013 - The world of shopping Vice President Audi AG, Bernd Martens, believes it will be able to motivate th

Enamels Malhação soap opera coming to market

9/18/2013 - The Globe Brands, in partnership with the Speciallità, launches the brand of Nail Polish from soap o

Popular abroad, expensive in Brazil

9/18/2013 - The Cruze can, without exaggeration, be considered a landmark in the recent history of General Motor

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