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September, 2013

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Vanish presents economic versions

9/18/2013 - Reckitt Benckiser (RB) launches new versions of non-chlorine bleaches Vanish: Super bar and Multi 15

Natura makes 30 years and launches Sève fragrance Sweet Almonds Intense

9/18/2013 - New body oil is inspired by the more classical fragrance line and get a younger, modern version Rel

Paint industry reverts fall and see high projection of 1% on year

9/18/2013 - The Brazilian industry of paints predicts growth of 1% in volume in 2013, against 1.398 billion gall

Vulcan launches limited edition special cans

9/18/2013 - Vulcan Energy Drink launches limited edition Camaro and Corvette. In partnership with General Motors

Frooty launches Acai packing of two liters

9/18/2013 - The new pack of Acai Frooty launches two liters. The pot is the same used by ice cream, decorated wi

Audi confirms back to the Paraná produces A3 Sedan and Q3

9/18/2013 - The World President of Audi, Rupert Stadler, confirmed, in meeting with the President Dilma Rousseff

Richester launches packing with five units of wafer Amori 1000

9/18/2013 - News is available in Rio de Janeiro and States of the North and northeast regions The Richester, Ma

Production of tires registers high of 3.7% from January to August, says Anip

9/18/2013 - The Brazilian production of tires obtained high 3.7% from January to August over the same period las

Chocolates Cacao Brazil promotes products for Secretary's day

9/18/2013 - With the intention to be present at important moments of Brazilian Chocolates Cocoa Brazil will prom

Swedish Ikea studies open shops in Brazil

9/18/2013 - The largest company in the mobile sector in the world, the Swedish Ikea, informed, for the first tim

Audi will invest $ 500 million in Brazil

9/17/2013 - The German automaker Audi, Volkswagen Group, has a hearing scheduled with President Dilma Rousseff i

Nokia launches mobile phone with camera for $ 29 targeting emerging markets

9/17/2013 - Nokia announced on Monday (16) the launch of two mobile phones with camera with suggested retail pri

Brazil follows as fourth largest automotive market in the world

9/17/2013 - Swing Jet Dynamics consulting based on formal license plates made until July, shows that the Brazil

Parmalat, for Lactalis, quit negotiations to buy the LBR

9/17/2013 - Parmalat S.p.A., controlled by French for Lactalis, reported today that the company's Board of Direc

The youngest Rodobens invests r $ 150 million

9/17/2013 - With less than three years of life, the Leasing and Lease Rodobens will become, until 2015, one of t

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