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September, 2013

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Purina Pro Plan launches packaging with hook and loop closure

9/4/2013 - The Purina Pro Plan, premium brand of rations of Nestlé, revamps the packaging of its ten types of a

Brazil Kirin plans to invest $ 1 billion until next year

9/3/2013 - In relying on the parent company Kirin Holdings and the BNDES, will not lack money to Brazil Kirin (

Microsoft announces acquisition of Nokia phone unit for $ 7.17 bi

9/3/2013 - Microsoft announced late on Monday that it is buying control of the cellular unit of Nokia for 3.79

Auto parts: trade deficit grows

9/3/2013 - From January to July this year, the Country recorded new auto parts trade deficit. Were $ of 5.6 bil

Koreans create Puri bottle that turns sea water into fresh

9/3/2013 - Water is the most precious resource for the survival of the human race, but misuse and lack of prese

The 100% recycled pet bottle

9/3/2013 - It was released in July, apparently only for disclosure on social networks, a commercial of Ambev in

Automotive industry fears first down of sales after 9 years of growth

9/3/2013 - After nine consecutive years of growth in sales, vehicle manufacturers already fear the first pullba

' Smartphone ' tijolão turns fashion

9/3/2013 - The first encounter with the smartphone Xperia Z Ultra cause amazement. With 6.4-inch screen, it has

Long life milk sales grow nearly 4 percent in the first half of 2013

9/3/2013 - The long-life milk consumption increased 3.9% from January to June, compared to the same period of t

Melitta Wake launches line Xtra Coffee in packs of paper certificate

9/3/2013 - Xtra line Coffee brings two new and different flavors with extra amount of coffee Almost a year and

The difficult art of selling ice cream in Brazil

9/3/2013 - Convince the Brazilian taking more ice cream is no easy task. Unilever, a leader in branded Kibon, B

Danix Cookies takes characters from Madagascar for packagings

9/3/2013 - The Arcor of Brazil releases version Cookies for your brand in the traditional format Danix 175 gram

Coca-Cola Femsa buys Spaipa Brazilian for $ 1,855 billion

9/2/2013 - Coca-Cola Femsa, a joint venture between the American and Mexican bottling giant, announced that it

Price of milk to the producer rises 3.2% in August

9/2/2013 - SAO PAULO-the price of milk paid to the national producer returned to rise in August. According to a

L ' Oréal has Latin America's largest expansion of revenue in the quarter

9/2/2013 - The Latin America was the region that recorded the high French L ' Oréal's revenue during the second

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