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September, 2013

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Force and Jofer develop together, special packaging for premium product

9/30/2013 - Partnership created packaging that reflects the refinement of the packed product, besides ensuring t

Hering focuses on children's stores

9/30/2013 - The Cla. Hering is betting that the infant clothing will increase your revenue while consumers reduc

Mercedes factory must stay in São Paulo

9/30/2013 - The new factory of German car maker Mercedes-Benz in Brazil should stay in the State of São Paulo in

Risqué presents new Special Edition: Risqué Metals

9/30/2013 - Since emerged as shades of fashion, the metals are still bullish on accessories, clothing and shoes

Brazil will follow as the fourth in the world car market until 2020, says KPMG

9/30/2013 - Study conducted by KPMG Consulting indicates that Brazil, still showing some fluctuations over the n

Germany launches first canned beer of 710 milliliters of Brazil

9/30/2013 - A strategic alliance between the manufacturer of beers and liquor company Germania NewAge resulted i

Sanifill renews lines of brushes and antiseptic mouth wash

9/30/2013 - The complete product brand, Sanifill of oral hygiene, improves its product mix and features to marke

Government takes away part of the IPI lower for white line and mobile

9/30/2013 - The Secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of finance, Márcio Holland, just announced the re-c

Promotional Pack unites Centrum and Quaker

9/30/2013 - Pfizer and Quaker do a cross action branding in celebration of world heart day, celebrated this Sund

Fini throws bullets in stand-up pouches with zipper

9/30/2013 - The Fini (Sanchez Cano) presents Fini Beans, bullets in the form of grains of beans. There are four

Adidas colonies are Jequiti news

9/30/2013 - Jequiti announces the launch of two male Brazilian-inspired colonies: Adidas Goool!!! and Adidas Gin

Suzano will readjust prices in 12.7%

9/30/2013 - After the price increase between 12% and 14% of Papirus and Ibema starting in October, Suzano Papel

Hits the market Milnutri, new compound Danone dairy

9/30/2013 - Danone Baby launches its new compound Milnutri milk, containing, according to the company, the large

Startup creates educational games to consolidate learning in class

9/30/2013 - The startup Xmile wants to take educational games at private schools, but without forgetting the pub

Uniagro brings new line Monde oil for Brazil

9/30/2013 - The importadora Uniagro increases its brand oil line Monde with two releases: the Organic extra virg

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