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September, 2013

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Art expands overseas sales

9/9/2013 - The favourable exchange rate is one of the motivations of Art, food-producing industry of Paraná ste

"Straightjacket" overrides label on bottle of wine "crazy"

9/9/2013 - The Spanish Winery Bodegas Canopy launched the white wine "Loco". To highlight the name of the wine,

L ' Oréal hairdressers informal sights

9/9/2013 - The Brazil is the first beauty salon market in Latin America. Are 342 thousand formal establishments

Beer Krill launches after the double Tin Teodoro and Sa

9/9/2013 - The other beer, produced by the Brewery Krill, throws a commemorative Tin in tribute to 30 years of

Production of cars rises 14% on year

9/9/2013 - Car production in Brazil grew 13.7% from January to August, while sales fell 1.2% over the same peri

Natura Ekos introduces new bathing Waters

9/9/2013 - Inspired by the customs of the people of the Amazon rainforest, Rare Cyperus articulatus, Secrets of

Fall beauty products volume sold till June

9/9/2013 - Sales of toiletries and beauty in the Brazilian retail had nominal growth of 8% (1.5%) real in the f

Nextel moves to stem market loss in the country

9/9/2013 - Nextel is turning upside down its strategy after finishing the second quarter with 8.3% drop in the

Brazilian car has a relevant role in the global sales

9/9/2013 - Of the ten best-selling cars in Brazil, only one, the newly released Ford Fiesta, is produced and ma

Drury's launches special pack with glass of whiskey

9/9/2013 - The Whiskey Drury's launches a special pack with an exclusive limited edition Cup. The package enhan

Cachaça wins new flavors

9/6/2013 - To win a slice of the market dominated by rival vodka, rum producers strive to create new products a

Chery QQ series sold for $ 19,990

9/6/2013 - Chery announced officially the national production of QQ in the factory that will be installed in Ja

Sambrook recasts packaging

9/6/2013 - The Sambrook, Hypermarcas, relaunches its line of diapers and baby wipes. The diapers make new packa

Carrot & Bronze renews packaging

9/6/2013 - The carrot & Bronze widen your range of sunscreens and renews the look of its packaging for the prod

Food service: Sierra launches sliced shitake and oyster mushrooms in buckets

9/6/2013 - Sierra, producer of mushrooms in sachets, brings to the food service market sliced products in bucke

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