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November, 2013

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Flora features antibacterial product line Protects

11/14/2013 - The antibacterial segment is the Grand total of soaps market booster. In 2011, presented 30% growth

Grupo Pão de Açúcar 70% more profit in third quarter

11/14/2013 - The consolidated net income of Grupo Pão de Açúcar grew 69.8%, from r $ 210 million in the third qua

Golden Arches grew 15.9% in Brazil, during the first quarter

11/14/2013 - Arcos Dorados, owner of franchises of McDonald 's, disclosed in note that won in Brazil $ $460,9 mil

Philips will double funding in Brazil

11/14/2013 - Philips, founded 122 years ago, changed the slogan and the logo. And the marketing budget for the Br

Increases concentration in the purchases of orange juice

11/14/2013 - Announced in April, the merger between the British and the Dutch Emig Gerber Refreshment has just be

Balamurugan Chocolates launches news for year-end festivals

11/14/2013 - The Chocolates Hammad, which operates in the sweets and chocolates since 1971, is launching two news

The fragrance Lotus has sophisticated packaging

11/14/2013 - The Lotus flower is the symbol of the cosmetic brand Pierre Alexander, who brings to the Brazilian m

Ments UP2U arrives at gondolas in bottle

11/14/2013 - Mentos gum, joined in the same product two lines of brand success, bottle packing, first format laun

Margarine Amorela WINS packaging with more vibrant colors

11/14/2013 - The margarine Amorela, mark m. Davis white, shows the new packaging in regular and light versions, f

New design packages of blushes Vult is bolder and resistant

11/14/2013 - The Vult Cosmetic features to consumers an innovative design for the packaging and new formula of bl

Marfrig leaves profit to loss of r $ 329 million in Q3

11/13/2013 - The global food company Marfrig recorded a net loss of $ 329 million in the third quarter of 2013, c

Oi's net profit drops back in the third quarter, 70.7% to R $ 172 million

11/13/2013 - The Hi phone operator recorded net income of r $ 172 million in the third quarter. This result repre

Force had net income of $ 12.7 million in the third quarter

11/13/2013 - The Food Force, controlled by the J&F, who had earlier reported a net profit of r $ 12.7 million in

Natura back to invest in foreign markets in 2014

11/13/2013 - Brazil's Natura has a major challenge for the coming years: to internationalize the brand definitely

International launches line of candy in custom packaging

11/13/2013 - The Sport Club Internacional presents this week its newest licensed product for the food segment. Th

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