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November, 2013

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Daten recasts packaging design

11/29/2013 - The Daten, manufacturer of computer equipment, recasts the packaging of its line, retail-oriented, Z

Fuels rise today, but Petrobras problem continues

11/29/2013 - The increase in prices of petrol and diesel should be announced today, after the meeting of the Boar

J. Macêdo launches line Dona Benta Inspirations

11/29/2013 - The brand of wheat flours and mixes for cakes Dona Benta, j. M, launches initially in São Paulo, the

Artist Simone Campos signs Mahogany casings

11/29/2013 - The Mahogany presents Arts lines, unique collections that relied on the work of artist Simone Fields

Smartphones will assume leadership in sales this year

11/29/2013 - On the market of technology equipment, there is no thread that has a base of 16 million unit and fol

Bimbo launches new Pullman bread wheat

11/29/2013 - "For the whole family". That's the way the Bombo Group positions the new loaf Pullman Brown. Accordi

51 Ice has new flavor

11/29/2013 - The company Müller de Bebidas launches another drink of line 51 Ice Sensations: Freezy Fire, with ci

Smart Launches Karoço Acai, acai based functional food

11/29/2013 - The acai berry, known in some localities in the northern region of Brazil as "lump", wins a concentr

Car sales are slumping in November

11/29/2013 - News about the gradual withdrawal of rebates in the tax on industrialized products (IPI) from Januar

Manufacturer wants to expand the use of PET in the cosmetic sector

11/29/2013 - Expand the use of PET packaging for the cosmetics sector is manufacturer's plan paulista Spiltag to

Bel Launches new chocolate straws

11/29/2013 - Wafer straw stuffed and covered with milk chocolate, Buono is the novelty of the Bel Chocolates, de

Launch Ready Granja Regina

11/29/2013 - An eye on the needs of current society, the farm Regina decided to innovate and offer its customers

Cotochés Tetra Brik Aseptic packaging adopts Edge for long life milk

11/29/2013 - The Cotochés, the brand portfolio of the dairy market, introduces the BRF new packaging Tetra Brik A

1906 customizes packages of panettone

11/28/2013 - The 1906 performs, since 23 November, an unprecedented action of Christmas. In promoting "Magic Pane

Winery Basso 30% increases in their production

11/28/2013 - The holidays are approaching and thus increases the demand for wines and sparkling wine to toast the

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