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November, 2013

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Dunun mass wins new packaging

11/25/2013 - The DunDun Mass for bricklaying, produced by the FCC Group, WINS new package, developed by SPR Desig

Vulcan Energy Drink sugarless version launches

11/25/2013 - The Vulcan Energy Drink energy lassoes a version with zero sugar. With only eight calories, the drin

Nova Schin Launches Special Edition for GP Brazil formula 1

11/25/2013 - The Nova Schin Launches Special Edition for the Brazil GP of Formula 1, which takes place on Sunday

Toyota expects incentives to hybrid and electric models

11/22/2013 - After two years of negotiations between automakers and the federal Government, completed in October,

Caramuru captures $ 220 million

11/22/2013 - The Caramuru Foods, one of the largest grain processors of national capital, closed the hiring of a

Votorantim Industrial profits $ 381 million

11/22/2013 - With profit of $ 381 million in the third quarter of the year, Votorantim Industrial (VID) is close

Ceramic flooring sales will grow 5.5%

11/22/2013 - The total sales of ceramic tiles will grow 5.5 percent in volume next year, up from the 850 million

SABMiller's profit rises 8.5% on the first fiscal semester

11/22/2013 - The Brewer SABMiller announced on Thursday, 21, that its net profit rose 8.5 percent in the fiscal f

With price salty, new Iphones frustrate consumers

11/22/2013 - With overvaluation in relation to the price in the United States, the new Iphones reach the Brazilia

Rum manufacturers want to expand sales

11/22/2013 - The domestic producers of cachaça decided to invest heavily in distribution area in order to meet so

Congraf develops special cartridges to "L'occitane au Brésil"

11/22/2013 - The French brand to L'occitane en Provence, launched a new brand in Brazil, "L'occitane au Brésil",

Tetra Pak develops customized packaging for ways of peace

11/22/2013 - Tetra Pak will distribute 25 thousand customized containers of water with the words freedom, diversi

5 c and 5S iPhones begin to be sold in Brazil tonight

11/22/2013 - 5 c and 5S iPhones begin to be sold in the country at midnight today, 21 November, and the four cell

New iPhones coming to Brazil by up to $ 3,599

11/21/2013 - The new models of the iPhone coming into the country in the early hours of Thursday to Friday with p

Contributions of Volkswagen already totaled R $ 9.2 billion by 2016

11/21/2013 - This week the Volkswagen factory in the ABC Paulista completes 54 years. The automaker's first facto

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