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November, 2013

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Walmart has exclusivity on sale of Oreo

11/11/2013 - The Mondelez gives exclusively the sale of Oreo cookies to the Walmart network. The biscuit is marke

Pirelli provides for investing in Brazil $ 1 billion until 2017

11/11/2013 - Investing $ 1 billion until 2017, expand the dealer network and bet on the growth of the market of p

Kopenhagen launches popsicles in partnership with the Diletto

11/11/2013 - The Copenhagen announced the launch of a version of its products best suited to the hot summer tempe

Folding screens are coming

11/11/2013 - Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE + 1.28 percent and LG Electronics Inc. 066570.SE-1.36% released sm

Eucatex's profit rises with higher sales 45.6%

11/11/2013 - The Eucatex, manufacturer of wood paneling and paintwork controlled by Maluf's family, recorded net

Vapza launches meat into strips with sauce

11/11/2013 - Practicality, taste and health. These are the commitments of Art, food-producing industry steamed an

Brigadier & Co launches tubes of Brigadier

11/11/2013 - The Brigadier & Co has launched the tubes of Brigadier stuffed with one of 17 flavors it produces us

New Pine disinfectant labels Ypê translate modernity

11/11/2013 - In the last five years, average spending growth in Brazil with cleaning products was 41.5 percent, a

Riachuelo accelerates sales and profit up 52%

11/8/2013 - With strong performance in sales and margin expansion, the Guararapes, owner of the fashion retailer

Manufacturer of concrete products expects to grow by 4%

11/8/2013 - With revenues estimated at $ 9.4 billion last year, cement products industry should terminate 2013 w

New President of Walmart Brazil wants to put leading retailer

11/8/2013 - About to finish tidying the House, with the closure of 25 stores in the country until the end of nex

McDonald 's: bigger profit falls 27% postpaid in 2nd tri

11/8/2013 - On the other hand, the company's operating margin decreased to 31.0% in the period, from 31.2 percen

Mortar launches Extra strong version

11/8/2013 - Mortar and pestle, strong coffee of Brazil, presents its Extra Strong version that combines the arom

Piracanjuba renews packaging of cheese

11/8/2013 - Mozzarella cheese, plate and Standard Mines, available in thermoformed packaging of 200 g, with Easy

Margarine Qualy now in version of 1 kg

11/8/2013 - The BRF, which always seeks innovation, introduces its margarine Qualy in packing of 1 kg. Available

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