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November, 2013

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Abigraf predicts fall for the sector in 2013

11/28/2013 - The Brazilian graphic industry Association (Abigraf) anticipated reduction of 2.4%. Now, it is expec

Fugini expands product line

11/28/2013 - The Food in this releases introduces several Fugini end of year. The company extends its line of may

Latco has Guarana with Apple and Acai

11/28/2013 - The Food markets Latco Guarana with Apple and Acai fresh, mixed drink containing carbonated fruit ju

Kopenhagen and Amarula feature special kit for Christmas

11/28/2013 - To celebrate Christmas, the premium liqueur Amarula African and fine chocolates shop Copenhagen crea

New packaging of Suzano line Report value sustainability

11/28/2013 - Suzano Papel e Celulose has revamped the packaging of their Suzano line Report. With international s

Ford's recall of Escape 2013 for the seventh time

11/28/2013 - The following security issues of the Ford exhaust year 2013 continued on Tuesday with the automaker

Verallia provides glass jars for promotional action of Café Iguaçu

11/28/2013 - Café Iguaçu now hits the market in packs formed by three sachets of instant coffee Classic 50 g, whi

Diageo offers sale of assets of Scotch from Whyte & Mackay

11/28/2013 - The British company Diageo has offered to sell most of the assets of Scotch from Whyte & Mackay to s

Arcor invests in market licensing of Panettone

11/28/2013 - The Arcor of Brazil is launching its Panettone version of soccer teams in 500-gram cans decorated wi

Samsung Oled TV brings to the country and stirs up competition for World Cup

11/28/2013 - Samsung just brought to Brazil your curve Oled TV. With that, the South Korean giant should further

Actual sales of supermarkets rising 7.93% in October, indicates Open

11/28/2013 - Real supermarket industry sales climbed 7.93% in October compared with the same month of 2012, accor

Ments creates economic version

11/28/2013 - The Mentos launches a new sales strategy focusing on consumers of the new middle class. The new vers

Land Rover factory project arrives in final phase

11/27/2013 - The factory project in Brazil of Jaguar Land Rover has reached the final stretch with two States in

Philip Morris will compete in the market of electronic cigarettes from 2014

11/27/2013 - Tobacco giant Philip Morris International announced that it will enter the heated market of electron

Petrópolis invests r $ 2.2 billion in NE

11/27/2013 - Petrópolis brewery will invest about r $ 2.2 billion in the Northeast over the next five years. Of t

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