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November, 2016

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Who said, Berenice? Opens 3 stores in Portugal

11/25/2016 - São Paulo – the mark Who said, Berenice? will open three stores in Portugal next week, kicking off t

Bakeries reinforce competition with restaurant on Christmas Eve dinner offer

11/25/2016 - Sao Paulo-the competition between bakeries and restaurants will be even more fierce in this final st

Startups invade the Brazilian agribusiness

11/25/2016 - Sao Paulo-the investment in technology in the field is nothing new. Producers and companies are alwa

Online fraud should increase 12% at the end of the year

11/25/2016 - With the arrival of the season for year-end shopping, the occurrence of fraud in e-commerce. Retaile

Rabobank points as cocoa product more optimistic for 2017; coffee is the most...

11/24/2016 - Speculators, who have been major players in markets such as soybeans and sugar this year, must remai

'' Life is hard even to sell beer, '' says owner of Ambev

11/24/2016 - Jorge Paulo Lemann, Rico the country man and one of the controllers of AmBev, said that "life is har

Natura Reaffirms focus on direct sales

11/24/2016 - Despite having invested in his first physical stores in 2016, Natura reported that will maintain its

E-Commerce ticket already outnumber the Malls

11/24/2016 - According to a survey conducted by Ipsos in nine Metropolitan Brazilian regions, internet users alre

Fipe index Rocket Points 0.78% deflation

11/24/2016 - The index, which measures the change in prices in e-commerce, recorded inflation of 3% in October, c

ACON Investments Acquires Slice on Dori Foods

11/24/2016 - The Acon Investments announced this week that its subsidiary, Acon Latin America Opportunities Fund

Christmas toy sale should grow 11% this year

11/24/2016 - The diarist Marlene Selva committed the mortal sin of Christmas. Took his daughter Rebecca, of 6 yea

End of year promises high for traditional fruit

11/24/2016 - Sao Paulo-the seasonal increase in demand for fresh fruit to compose coffee tables end-of-year parti

46% of consumers make purchases after watching videos

11/23/2016 - Almost half (46%) of consumers held purchases after seeing a video of branded content, while 32 perc

Christmas sales are anticipated on Black Friday

11/23/2016 - A survey published recently points out that the Black Friday, held in November, has stolen Christmas

Coppertone sunscreen creates specific to tattoos

11/23/2016 - The Coppertone presents to the market a line of sunscreen to protect from the effects of Sun tattoos

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