Friday, November 25, 2016

Bakeries reinforce competition with restaurant on Christmas Eve dinner offer

Sao Paulo-the competition between bakeries and restaurants will be even more fierce in this final stretch of the year. This is because, in search of additional revenues, the bakeries increased the offer of suppers ready for the holidays of Christmas and new year, which may attract consumers '' tight '' financially after a year of crisis.
The extra income from the sale of ready meals should also serve to improve your networks performance in 2016. According to the President of the technological Institute of food, baking and confections (ITPC), Magrão, the projection is that the sector end 2016 with a turnover of R$ 87 billion, which would represent an increase of 3% on the revenue in 2015, 84.7 billion R$.
"The indicators prove a slowdown in the industry, but with signs of improvement in the economy. In the first half it was noticed a sharp drop in consumption because of the loss of income. The second half of the year showed an adaptation on the part of the companies to the new consumer profile, offering lower-value-added products and more accessible to the scenario of cost containment, "says Rao.
In this sense, the Brazilian search Bakery at the end of client attract year precisely by the Pocket. With dinners that cost, on average, 500 R$-but that might cater 10 people and come to have 70 items-, the intention is to hook consumers who celebrate the event in restaurants, where spending could be higher. "Our intention is to sell 5% more suppers compared to last year, when customers were already seeking our product to the detriment of the spent outside the home," says marketing manager of Brazilian Bakery, Eveline Gandhi.
That year the network, which has five stores and five others in the franchise model, calculated the five tons of food marketing aimed at lunches and dinners end of year.
Although it seems little, the amount represented almost 3% of the annual turnover of the network. This year, the intention is to surpass the mark.
"We have included this season option with medallion of filet mignon, which we believe will have good sales. We also have the traditional Turkey and chicken, but we''re betting on the meat. They must have greater output, "he predicts.
Traditional Christmas pudding are also part of the strategy to fatten up the recipe. The network decided to bet on new flavors, such as Nutella and the Black Forest, which can be gift-wrapped.
"They have good output. I think we''re going to sell 15% more Christmas pudding this year than sell in 2015. We invest in packaging for this because the client is offering the product to your friends and family, "he says.
For the year, the Brazilian Bakery estimates match the results with those achieved last year. Catch sales in December, it is possible to register progress.
"The frequency of consumers fell and the average ticket remained. But the last month is always stronger, "he says.
For 2017, the company intends to apply at least 6 million R$ in the two units. The intention is to attract new customers.
December strong
The Big competitor Bread goes on the same line. Christmas pudding, pies and dinners must be the flagship of the network, which has three units in the city of São Paulo, in December.
As well as to the Brazilian Bakery, the last month of the year is the most relevant to the network, since it is obtained between 12% to 15% of the turnover of the entire fiscal year, according to owner of Big Bread, Luciano Carvalho.
"May and December are the key months for the network. In other months, the contribution to revenue of the year is approximately 8%. That''s why we developed some new things, like Christmas pudding and the special suppers ready, plus aft bulwark plating and pies, "he says.
Last year, the Big Bread sold around 300 pounds of food through the Christmas and new year dinners. This year, however, the goal is to surpass the mark of 400 pounds.
For the Christmas pudding predicting market a volume of 5000 units. "Created by [fruitcake] flavored churros and happily married. He''s got good acceptance. I believe that we will achieve the goal, "said he to the DCI.
For the year, the network provides celebrate a 15% rise in turnover. The estimated numbers, however, were not disclosed.
Next year, the Big Bread should usher in another drive, this time in the neighborhood of Aclimação, South zone of São Paulo. The work is scheduled to end in November 2017, just before the last and most important month for the network: December. Rao, the ITPC, believes that the next year will be better for the industry as a whole.
"The expectation is that the year starts better than the beginning of 2016, much for recovery]], but also of economic adaptability and its growth. As the change was abrupt market, companies have spent this year if fine-tuning, "he says.
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