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November, 2016

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Bob''s Launches Artisan Sandwich

11/23/2016 - Bob''s network launches today (22), the Italian type bread sandwich with roast in the store. "Bob''s

Beer franchise Provides 98% higher Revenues

11/23/2016 - The network, specializing in handcrafted beers, follows its expansion through

Boa Vista SCPC Points 8.1% fall in October

11/23/2016 - Amid uncertainties about the future of the economy, the consumer follows cautious. That''s what poin

Sami Deploys Technology in Shopping area

11/23/2016 - The network of bookshops Saraiva opened, in partnership with Microsoft, a space aimed exclusively fo

Demand for white line would only be at the end of next year

11/23/2016 - Sao Paulo-the resumption of white line segment (fridge, stove and washer) should occur only at the e

Under new management, Natura tries to return to the origins

11/22/2016 - A month after an unexpected change of command, the order in Natura is back to basics. The manufactur

Coca-Cola creates bottle that makes selfies

11/22/2016 - Coca-Cola launched a bottle capable of selfies. The packaging has a camera for consumers to register

Adobe wants to be known for marketing professionals in Brazil

11/22/2016 - It may even sound a bit sexist to ask a Director how important their achievements for women, but run

81% of Brazilians are optimistic about the economy in 2017

11/22/2016 - Brazilians are expecting improvement as the financial situation for the next year. According to a su

Fertilizer industry will invest in MS

11/22/2016 - Nine industries will invest 1.7 billion R$ in Mato Grosso do Sul. They received tax breaks from the

Facebook will open new offices in London

11/22/2016 - The American Group Facebook announced on Monday that it will open a new Office in London in 2017 and

Suppers ready market fits the new diets

11/22/2016 - New eating habits have caused rotisserias and innovative restaurants in menus of dinners ready to me

GSK Renews ENO Fruit salt packing

11/22/2016 - The English GSK pharmaceutical salt packs renewed of ENO Fruit with a new layout. According to the c

Reform Revives card construction

11/22/2016 - The retirement Card program created by the federal Government on the construction industry to a resu

CPFL R$ 50 million profit in Renewable 3T16

11/22/2016 - CPFL Renewables S.A. (CPRE3), Brazil''s largest generator of energy from alternative sources, closed

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