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Embraer announces sale of up to 150 aircraft for American Airlines

12/17/2013 - Embraer announced on Thursday the sale of up to 150 aircraft for American Airlines, in a deal that c

Manufacturer attacks rule change for automobiles

12/17/2013 - The likely postponement for the 2016 deadline for the mandatory installation of airbags and antilock

Online retailer of wines will have factory of coffee capsules

12/17/2013 - A Brazilian system for the production of coffee capsules is the latest bet of the company

2013 will be the worst Christmas for retailers than was that of 2012

12/16/2013 - With retailers giving signs of slowing in the second half, marketers should not book high hopes for

Automakers are concerned about future of local industry

12/16/2013 - For more than a decade, the auto industry didn't live a year so thin. After a significant annual gro

Guabi renews TopCat line and introduces new flavor

12/16/2013 - Guabi group-one of the largest producers of feed and supplements in the country – presents to the ma

Embelleze Nutrire launches DDhair

12/16/2013 - The Embelleze, launches the Nutrire DDhair. The product follows the trend of the company launched mu

Pepsico wants to grow beyond the drinks

12/16/2013 - In a deal that goes far beyond traditional war of soft drinks and also includes the food Division, t

BR Pharma wants to be more attractive

12/16/2013 - The Brazil Pharma, pharmaceutical retail business created by BTG, is undergoing restructuring is not

Furniture sector must close 2013 with growth of 10.1 percent, according to da...

12/16/2013 - Data released recently by the IEMI-market intelligence shows that the production in the sector shoul

Market launches most popular products for automobiles

12/16/2013 - Automobile insurance companies are seeking ways to lower the cost of policies to increase the penetr

New iPads show that Apple still runs in tablets

12/16/2013 - Just in time for Christmas, Apple brings to Brazil the latest versions of their tablets: iPad Air an

Scent bottle Someday signed by Justin Bieber's young and delicate format

12/16/2013 - Jequiti launches new perfume Someday, signed by the global phenomenon Justin Bieber, one of the grea

Energy drink Hard Rock hits the market in Florida in the United States

12/16/2013 - The energy drink Hard Rock debut in South Florida, in the United States. This market test is the fir

Packing of chocolate turtle explores premium concept

12/16/2013 - The chocolate turtle character, known for children and one of the leading brands in the portfolio of

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