Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lubricants should pull Lwart expansion in 2014

While the growth project in the area of pulp still in gestation, the São Paulo Lwart group is reaping the results of bets on other two segments in which it operates: Chemistry and re-refining of used lubricating oil. Founded in 1975 by brothers Luis, Wilson, Alberto and Renato Trecenti, the Group should terminate 2013 with gross revenue of $ 880 million, 17% higher than the r $ 750 million recorded in the previous year, driven by three businesses: Lwarcel (of pulp), Lwart Chemistry (asphalt blankets) and Lwart lubricants (re-refining).
For 2014, the initial estimate is the high of 6% in turnover, with the highest contribution of Lubricants, Lwart going through an expansion. "We're operating In, Lwarcel capacity and, while no comes the expansion, growth [of revenue] is conditioned to price and exchange rate," said Chairman of worth Lwart, Carlos Renato Trecenti.
In 2012, the cellulose area represented about 50% of the revenue of the Group and the improvement of raw material prices this year, contributed to the revenue increase. Already in the field of lubricants, the superior result compared to the previous year was due to the investment of r $ 230 million in the expansion of re-refining capacity.
With the supply, the nominal capacity of the unit in Lençóis Paulista (SP), where are the factories and Chemical Lwart Lwarcel, reached 180 thousand cubic meters per year. In Feira de Santana (BA), for an installed capacity of over 20 thousand cubic meters annually. However, bottlenecks in lube oil collection used not enabled the group to occupy 100% of the units in 2013, according to Trecenti, the volume must be collected 160 thousand cubic meters.
"The biggest challenge today is the collection of lubricating oil. It is a work of Ant ", said the Chairman of the group. "But we're moving forward on that," he added. In 2013, the invoicing of the Lube area should reach $ 300 million and the forecast is "double-digit growth" for next year.
In Chemistry, specializing in mantas Lwart asphalt-a type of waterproofing and owner of brands Ciplak and Waterproofing Lwart, 2013 was a better year than expected, told Trecenti. The group is studying the implementation of a new line of blankets in 2015, with an investment of r $ 12 million.
The São Paulo Group announced in June that it was seeking a partner for your business. Since then, focus is on preparing the forestry base and attract a partner of financial or operational profile to Lwarcel capital and invest r $ 2.4 billion, to quadruple the production of eucalyptus pulp in Lençóis Paulista.
For 2014, as Trecenti, are planned investments of about r $ 110 million considering the total Group, in line with the budget from 2013. Most of the resources will be destined for planting forests that will cater the expansion, which will increase to 250 thousand tons to 1 million tons per year capacity Lwarcel.
Currently, the company has 54 thousand hectares planted. By the end of 2014, should achieve planting area of 60 thousand hectares, out of a total of 80 thousand hectares needed to supply the factory after the expansion. "The basic engineering should be ready by the end of the first quarter and the financial structure in the middle of next year," he said. The initial schedule, the expansion can be operational in 2017.
Valor Econômico - 18/12/2013
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