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February, 2013

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GM engine plant is inaugurated from r $ 350 million in Joinville

2/28/2013 - General Motors yesterday opened its first factory devoted solely to engines in Brazil, in Joinville

Ambev says beer price will keep rising

2/28/2013 - Beverage maker Ambev yesterday announced a profit of R $ 10,642 billion last year, 22% from 2011. Ac

Kimberly-Clark grows with infants and young

2/28/2013 - Hygiene products for babies already represent 40% of Kimberly-Clark's revenue in Brazil, which reach

Basf high estimates of up to 7% on sales of paints

2/28/2013 - Sales of paints from Basf-leader in the segment with the Suvinil brand and Glasurit-will have growth

Phonographic industry grows for the first time since 1999

2/28/2013 - The global music industry revenue increased for the first time since 1999, thanks to the great expan

Easter this year will be more expensive, says Abras

2/28/2013 - The products bought by supermarket chains to supply the gondolas for Easter this year, on March 31,

GM engine plant opens in Santa Catarina

2/28/2013 - General Motors (GM) is today the official opening of its engine plant in Joinville (SC), a venture t

Samsung's growth is seen as a threat by Google

2/28/2013 - Samsung Electronics Co. and Google Inc. shook together the field of Apple Inc. in the Smartphone sec

Asian target market of tractors in Brazil

2/28/2013 - The good moment of Brazilian agribusiness, with grain production, record high prices for major commo

USA recognize cachaca as Brazilian drink

2/27/2013 - After more than a decade of negotiations, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)-Governm

Duratex will invest $ 750 million in new plant of panels

2/27/2013 - Point out of the curve in the construction materials market, which grew just 1% in 2012, below the e

And of course want to divide 4 g

2/27/2013 - After Hi and TIM decided to build a unique network of fourth generation mobile telephony, came the t

Expansion of networks will have differences of pace in the year

2/27/2013 - A day after the Pão de Açúcar group present the results of 2012, the American network Walmart and th

Chinese Huawei telecommunications heavyweight turns

2/27/2013 - The rapid rise of low-cost giant telecommunications industry is worrying some global cellular operat

Resumed production of trucks on scene reverses

2/27/2013 - Exhausted the stock of old line, known as the Euro 3, the improvement in sales of trucks began to pu

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