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June, 2013

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Protests affect car sales in the country

6/28/2013 - The demonstrations held in several parts of the country in recent days begin to influence the market

PC sales have fallen 10% in the first quarter, IDC

6/28/2013 - The computer sales in Brazil totaled 3.4 million in the first quarter, 10% less than the volume regi

Magistral Packaging has new President

6/28/2013 - The Masterful Packaging has new President. Henry Iurck assumed the position recently, and flags with

Without partners, Ahmad reaches r $ 1.3 billion

6/28/2013 - One of the largest drugstore chains in the country, Minas Gerais Drugstore Araujo, want to keep as a

Metso closes € 800 million agreement with CMPC

6/28/2013 - Metso, one of the largest global suppliers of technology and services to the pulp and paper industry

Basf invests to expand capacity in Brazil

6/28/2013 - Basf intends to invest almost € 50 million (about US $ 140 million) to raise the production of agroc

Klabin approves investment plan of $ 6.8 billion in the State of Paraná

6/28/2013 - World's largest producer of paper for packaging, Klabin has finally its decisive step for entering a

Mega Chips corrugated potato launches

6/28/2013 - The Mega Chips loose their corrugated potato. The product is packaged in packs of 40 grams, that wer

Parmalat is already using Tetra Evero, bottle of Tetra Pak

6/28/2013 - The LBR-Brazil, Dairy company Parmalat the trademark holder in the country, is the first in Brazil u

Salera features tuna canned in glass jars

6/28/2013 - The Salera Gastronomic Products launch a line of canned tuna. The packaging differs in presentation,

Multisaúde installs itself at Farmacoquímico

6/28/2013 - Yet another company announced investments in Polo Farmacoquímico Pernambuco, located in Goiana. With

Yoki throws Mexican farofa

6/28/2013 - The Yoki brings a major release for its line of "farofas" ready: the Mexican, spicy and Farofa with

Danette adds new flavor in milk desserts

6/28/2013 - In a new package, the Danone brand extends the portfolio with the half-bitter chocolate flavor The

Dom Bosco ecological bottle wines

6/28/2013 - Produced under glass, amber also helps conserve the light and fruity flavor of drink Adhering to ec

President of Toyota has the best cost-benefit ratio

6/27/2013 - Known for having revolutionized the production of cars after the conclusion of World War II, with th

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