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Major retailers will invest more in 2014

The less optimistic scenario for retail in 2014, apparently affects more small entrepreneurs. The big players in the sector, on the contrary, project investments exceeding R $ 7.8 billion-4.3% of revenues of the largest networks-6.9% index greater than 2012. The goal is to maintain, in the medium term, an upward trajectory.
According to the Institute for the development of retail (IDV), the prospect among its more than forty Associates is the opening of 1,058 new units, which will be inaugurated next year. "In 2014, the associates of the entity seeking to open up 6.9 percent more stores in comparison to this year," said Ricardo Meirelles, Chief Economist of GS & MD-Gouvea de Souza, a partner of IDV in research.
The contribution will be divided into areas with greater need for professionalization, as explained Flavio Rocha, President of the IDV and also the fast fashionRiachuelo. "Our associates will invest in technology, in improving their operations in operation, in the training of its employees and other items," said rock.
In technology, the prospect is of R $ 855 million in investments, followed by R $ 866 million in logistics and R $ 181 million in infrastructure and administration of the companies. For the implementation of new stores and working capital are rolled back $ 4.5 billion. Little more than r $ 1 billion will go to reform the existing stores. A further r $ 350 million will be invested in training and other operational needs of retailers. "4.3% of corporate revenue (summed) reverts in the domestic market," argued the Chief Economist of GS & MD.
In all, players in the supermarket sector, clothing, construction material, among many other areas, will come to a total of 16,366 points of sale, ensuring thus their profits. Meirelles explained that this index of 6.9% of investment was slightly under 8.4% on 2012 2013 versus comparison, but when it comes to real business growth projection, the indicator points improves. "For this year, the projection for closing is 4.1% growth. In 2014, executives of these companies believe an increase of 4.7%, "he explained.
The Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA) released this week, in a meeting with investors, in São Paulo (SP), which plans to open, until 2016, more than 400 new stores just in food operation. The Pão de Açúcar banner will have 20 new units over the next three years. Has Extra operations-supermarket and hypermarket-will also receive investments in 20 new commercials. The minimarkets receive new 360 stores by 2016. With that, the network wants to reach 1,100 just food retail operations.
Yesterday, in a statement to the market, Magazine Luiza has informed the purchase of 17 commercials Via retail. "With the acquisition of these commercials, Magazine Luiza reaffirms its commitment to sustainable growth, and strengthen its strategy to consolidate current markets of operation. The commercial points of the State of São Paulo are strategically located in the metropolitan region (seven), on the coast (four) and inside (two) ". The operation involved more than $ 10 million. It is worth mentioning that the Via retail, by decision of the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) had to sell 74 commercials. Of that number, 35 have already been sold-being 18 previously and now the 17 awarded at auction for its competitor.
Flavio Rocha said that Michel Klein, founder of Casas Bahia, also sought to offer some shops. "Michel called me, but Cade made Via Retail to offer spaces to its competitors," he said. According to Rocha, information on Riachuelo there will also be investing in new stores. "We're taking the concept of the store Riachuelo of Oscar Freire to Rio de Janeiro. In addition, next year we will open a new store, between the Paulista and Haddock Lobo, "said the Executive.
Who have already set their expansion plans for 2014 was the Cia. Hering. Next year, the company plans to open 100 more sales points throughout the country, with 70 in Hering and Hering 30 Kids. It is also among the retailer's plans to create a new schedule, the Hering for you. "Brand dedicated exclusively to the female audience, which hits the market in 2014. The brand will have five lines of products. To be the flagship of loungewear brand Hering for you, with an innovative proposal, "the company said in a note. Even not being present among the associated with the Institute for the development of retail, Tip Top has already set their targets for 2014. The company stuck in the children will open 20 new stores in the next 12 months.
Diário Comércio Indústria e Serviços – 19/12/2013
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