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Stevia Soul expands portfolio and launches in Brazil the first line of chocol...

12/9/2013 - Sweets with no added sugar or aspartame arrive to meet demand for healthy products. Company bet on m

Jaguar Land Rover should end the year with 42% increase in sales

12/6/2013 - The British automaker Jaguar Land Rover should end the year with the sale of 10 thousand cars in Bra

Anfavea maintains optimism and still believe in a tie with 2012

12/6/2013 - Balance sheet released yesterday by the automakers confirmed another drop in sales of new vehicles i

Air iPad arrives in stores of Brazil this Friday

12/6/2013 - The Air iPad, latest generation high-end tablet from Apple, will be released in Brazil on Friday. Th

Who said, Berenice? provides reach 400 shops

12/6/2013 - Created for a year and four months, "Who said, Berenice?", franchise network specializing in makeup

Castrol Magnatec wears the shirt of Brazil for the Cup

12/6/2013 - Special packagings Magnatec Brazil also debut the new layout and the new logo of Magnatec, beyond th

Maguary 2 litres of carton pack debut in ready juice

12/6/2013 - The Brazilian company of drinks and food (ebba) launches the Maguary Nectar ready to drink in packag

Frootiva renews packaging

12/6/2013 - To consolidate its position as a snack of fruit, the Frootiva gains a new packaging line and the new

It's Christmas Eve in can of cream cheese

12/6/2013 - The Catupiry offers consumers the Christmas cans. This is the third year that the brand celebrates t

Walmart launches line of Christmas pudding Great Value

12/6/2013 - Inspired by creative concepts for large international coffeehouses, yay! created the layout for the

Ferrero brings Kinder Joy back for summer

12/6/2013 - Ferrero brings back for the summer season the Kinder Joy. The product is divided in half: on one sid

Processed plastic sector must close with growth of 1.6% 2013

12/6/2013 - In 2013, the physical production of processed plastics industry must close with growth of 1.6%, from

Sales in supermarkets grow 2.92% in 2013

12/6/2013 - The actual billing of supermarkets in the State of São Paulo (deflated by IPS – supermarket price in

Brainbox creates Christmas kits for the Apothecary

12/6/2013 - Which leaves Christmas even more memorable is the atmosphere of Enchantment and surprise that exists

Itaipava factory opened in alagoinhas generates 3,600 jobs

12/6/2013 - The first factory for the production of beer of Grupo Petrópolis Itaipava, in the northeastern regio

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