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August, 2013

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Nissan starts race for autonomous cars

8/30/2013 - Nissan Motor Co., which gained world leadership in sales of electric cars with the Leaf hatchback, w

Bettanin launches promotional packing sponge

8/30/2013 - The EsfreBom of multipurpose sponge Bettanin, presents promotional packaging "Take 8 Pay 6". The wra

Turma da Mônica Jovem launches Deo colonies in Pocket packaging

8/30/2013 - 25 ml version is more practical and has special fragrances for boys and girls After the Turma da Mô

Rock in Rio ice cream tastes surprise

8/30/2013 - The ice cream Italy launches the Popsicle Shuffle to Rock in Rio, where the flavor just pops up when

Toyota needs to increase production in Brazil and Mexico

8/30/2013 - According to a member of the Board, company needs to increase its production capacity and sell more

Drink & Brink Turma da Mônica's new drink of the i9

8/30/2013 - The i9 Business throws the Drink & Brink Turma da Mônica. The drink targeted at children, has the gr

Sales of new cars have come into route of fall

8/30/2013 - Sales of new cars in Brazil they presented growth since the beginning of the year and, according to

Nutrella adds good humor in their packaging

8/30/2013 - The line of branded breads arrives with a revitalized special ingredient to make the lives of consum

Nintendo launches portable and Wii U price reduces

8/30/2013 - Nintendo presented this Wednesday, 28, the videogame 2DS, a new handset, simpler and cheaper than th

Neosaldina launches commemorative Tin to celebrate 40 years

8/29/2013 - The Neosaldina, analgesic of Takeda Pharmaceutical Laboratory, celebrates 40 years with a commemorat

In Brazil, smartphone sells more than common apparatus

8/29/2013 - Cell phone manufacturers have already put in the Brazilian market more smartphones than conventional

Castle throws barbecue sauce

8/29/2013 - The Castle on the market puts Foods Barbecue Sauce Castle. The product hits the shelves of supermark

Steelmakers must raise prices to car assemblers

8/29/2013 - Brazilian steelmakers will probably implement an increase in prices of flat steel sold to auto maker

Green plastic reaches rice packing

8/29/2013 - The Pilecco Noble, to Alegrete (RS), make available to the market, from the first of September, rice

Production of processed plastics industry grows 4.6% in the first half

8/29/2013 - The production of processed plastics sector grew 4.6% in the first half of 2013 as compared to the s

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