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May, 2013

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GE begins nationalizing new locomotive in MG

5/15/2013 - The prospect of new sections of railways in operation in Brazil and the concession of port terminals

Nissin-Ajinomoto launches new instant noodle packing Turma da Mônica

5/15/2013 - Nissin-Ajinomoto created, during the first months of this year, a new packaging for the line of inst

Yamada and Leolar close the unusual partnership

5/15/2013 - SAO PAULO-the Group y. Yamada, a leader in the supermarket sector in para, and the network of shops

Cinex will produce laminated glass

5/15/2013 - An eye on expansion of the construction sector in the country, Cinex, manufacturer of glass doors an

Auction of ANP was amazing success, says Magda

5/15/2013 - RIO-after five years without giving new areas for exploration, the national petroleum Agency (ANP) e

' We have no more excuses, ' says Luiza

5/15/2013 - The "dry" is over. In the words of Luiza Helena Trajano, Director President of Magazine Luiza, the p


5/14/2013 - The Klein family, founder of Casas Bahia, started the move to withdraw from business, to communicate

Ouro Fino throws dried teas

5/14/2013 - The fine gold Water company enters the market of dry teas. Your new release is the brand Leaves.

Price of milk to the producer in Brazil is the highest

5/14/2013 - In times of high dairy prices in the world, Brazil has become the country with the highest dollar am

Marfrig has net loss of R $ 81.2 million in the first quarter

5/14/2013 - Marfrig Alimentos recorded a net loss of R $ 81.2 million in the first quarter of this year, compare

Lanxess will manufacture light plastic in the country

5/14/2013 - The German group Lanxess will open in early 2014 its seventh factory in Brazil. The new unit will pr

Amazon buys touchscreen fabrics manufacturers from Samsung

5/14/2013 - Amazon announced today that it has acquired the Liquavista, a subsidiary of Samsung specializing in

Magazine Luiza reverts and has r $ 802 million quarterly profit

5/14/2013 - The Electronic Retailer Magazine Luiza ended the first quarter with a profit of R $ 802 million, rev

Smart stove baking cake alone and costs $ 4,599

5/14/2013 - Main innovation presented on Tuesday, 14, by Whirlpool is the stove "Smart Cook" Brastemp.

Petrobras picks up $ 11 billion abroad with issuance of securities

5/14/2013 - Petrobras photographed on Monday the record $ 11 billion in bonuses in the international market, the

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