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May, 2013

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Taste of Jerk: Silver has inspired ice cream options in typical sweets

5/23/2013 - The company has transformed the traditional sweets in ice cream June of paçoca, cotton candy, love A

HP's profit falls 32 percent in the fiscal quarter

5/23/2013 - The net profits of the American technology company Hewlett Packard (HP) was 32.4% in the second fisc

Justice Announces recall of more than 3 million bottles of Tylenol

5/23/2013 - The Ministry of Justice reported that more than three million bottles of Tylenol (acetaminophen) wil

Rehearse recovery sector and grows 4% until April, says Anip

5/23/2013 - After two consecutive years of decline, the tire industry gives signs of recovery in 2013, at the ED

Petrópolis invests in football to grow in the Northeast

5/23/2013 - Grupo Petrópolis announces today that will christen the Arena, one of the stadiums of the World Cup.

Agreement between Embraer and SkyWest would involve $ 4.1 billion

5/22/2013 - The agreement that the Embraer negotiates with the American firm orders 100 involves SkyWest that, i


5/22/2013 - The retail site New Dot-coms announced this week the creation of an exclusive sect

Procter Gamble & accelerates pace of releases

5/22/2013 - The American Procter Gamble & (P&G) was a company with a small portfolio and little known in Brazil,

With IPI, sale of soda goes up to 3%

5/22/2013 - The soft drink industry won a jerk yesterday, with the resumption of the reduction in the rate of th

Votorantim Group had loss in 2012 of $ 650 million

5/22/2013 - The Votorantim Group must publish in the coming days the operating and financial review of its indus

Michelin stirs up the quarrel in the original tire market

5/22/2013 - The French Michelin entered once the fray by automakers-which, in Brazil, a market near 20 million t

Unigel puts on sale packing area

5/22/2013 - The Unigel, one of the most traditional chemical groups of the country, is already close to selling

Microsoft Xbox 360 successor videogame

5/22/2013 - SÃO PAULO-Microsoft recently presented the Xbox video game console, Xbox 360 successor One, which is

Import of pesticides hits record

5/22/2013 - Brazilian imports of pesticides (active ingredients and intermediate products) hit record in 2012. A


5/22/2013 - When a customer comes into a department store, soon stumbles upon a seller ready to enumerate the ad

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