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May, 2013

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Suzano's factory in Maranhão reaches 79% of completion

5/20/2013 - The construction of the new industrial unit of Suzano Papel e Celulose, in the city of Imperatriz, M

Technos integrates Dumont until June

5/20/2013 - The Technos watch manufacturer wants to complete the integration of industrial and administrative ar

Natura launches product line in stand-up pouches

5/20/2013 - The Natura line Natura Am, focusing on sustainability and on a new concept that follows the motto "s


5/20/2013 - The Government closes the last details to launch next week, the card will enable the beneficiaries o

New Xbox will be more than video game for Microsoft

5/20/2013 - Company seeks a larger share in the gaming industry, which involves 65 billion dollars a year

Brazilian PC manufacturers lose market share

5/20/2013 - In the last decade, many Brazilian consumers have entered the world of computing with PCs from compa

Galaxy S4 hits record sales of Samsung

5/20/2013 - São Paulo – less than a month after their arrival to the shelves, the Galaxy S4 is set to become the


5/17/2013 - The BRF, Brazilian company in the food sector, photographed about $ 750 million yesterday by two deb

Homemade honey, award-winning packaging now!

5/17/2013 - After the success of the new look of Homemade jams, now is the time of pure brand honey coming to po

Walmart in Brazil loses strength and grows less than rivals

5/17/2013 - Walmart in Brazil registered net loss of force in the first quarter of the year to establish an expa

Fertilizer sales remain heated

5/17/2013 - The supply of fertilizer mixers to final consumers companies totaled 1.777 million tonnes in Brazil

Springs provides for raising revenue by as much as 31%, to r $ 2.2 billion

5/17/2013 - The Springs, a manufacturer and retailer of products for bed, bath, and table designs again have pos

1727 liquor of Green Valley has packaging and decoration provided by Premier ...

5/17/2013 - The first Brazil coffee liqueur hits the market with bottles of Saverglass and four-color silkscreen

Omron factory is inaugurated in Japanese

5/17/2013 - Japanese multinational Omron opens on the day 24, automotive components unit, in Vinhedo (SP), which

Hevi will start operations of a new corrugated sheets in Q2

5/17/2013 - The Amazon Packaging Hevi-cardboard-provider will start in the second quarter of the year, a new con

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