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May, 2013

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' My house ' will have card for purchase of household appliances

5/14/2013 - Those who buy a home in the program Minha Casa, Minha Vida (MCMV) should receive a magnetic card wit


5/14/2013 - The Lojas Americanas SA (LAME3, LAME4) recorded net income of r $ 54.2 million in the first quarter

Technological yogurt

5/14/2013 - With more and more people diagnosed with lactose intolerance, it is normal for the dairy industry in

Braskem should be a partner of factory in Venezuela

5/14/2013 - Braskem may join as a minority partner in a project for the production of urea in Venezuela, a new s

GDF Suez sells 20% share in Jirau power plant for the Japanese Mitsui

5/14/2013 - The franco-Belgian company GDF Suez sold 20% stake in Jirau hydroelectric power plant, in Madeira Ri

Sobe juice in NY with concern losses with greening

5/14/2013 - The orange juice futures prices continue rising on the New York Stock Exchange, underpinned by conce

As the Arcor want swing Waltz Dream Empire

5/13/2013 - Sao Paulo-the market leader in Argentina and in Chile, the chocolate Bon Bon arrived in the Brazilia

Dayco products gain new packaging

5/13/2013 - The packaging of automotive products Dayco in Brazil and across South America-belts, tensioners, pul

Acquisitions give $ 9 billion to the major networks

5/13/2013 - When the American CVS pharmacies network announced in February the Brazilian purchase Onofre by 25 t

Suzano closes first quarter drop of 41.6% in profit

5/13/2013 - Suzano Papel e Celulose ended the first quarter with net income of $ 41.9 million, down 41.6% compar

Campari has pre-tax profit 25.4% less in the quarter

5/13/2013 - The profit before tax of the Italian group Campari, maker of drinks was 39.4 million euros in the fi

More new recipe provides Alpargatas factory

5/13/2013 - With the beginning of the operation of a new Hawaiian plant in Montes Claros (MG), next week, the Sn

Alpargatas profit up 18.1%, to R $ 92.3 million in the quarter

5/13/2013 - The footwear manufacturer Alpargatas recorded net income of r $ 92.3 million in the first quarter, u

Profit from Guararapes 40.5% in the first quarter falls to r $ 30.1 million

5/13/2013 - Network controller of apparel retailers Riachuelo, the Guararapes recorded profit of $ 30.1 million

Embrapa Swine and poultry launches organic fertilizer in AveSui 2013

5/13/2013 - The Adumax, organic fertilizer produced from pig manure treatment, will be presented for the first t

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