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May, 2013

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Generic expansion loses steam

5/9/2013 - Arquirrivais in the generics segment, the Brazilian company EMS and the Medley, controlled by France

Coca-Cola packaging changes in campaign against obesity

5/9/2013 - The largest manufacturer of drinks in the world, Coca-Cola launches a global plan to combat obesity.

head shoulders launches limited packaging & in commemoration to the NFL and UFC

5/9/2013 - head & shoulders, the world leader in sales of shampoo in the world, promises to please fans and est

Café Bom Jesus launches special packages to stimulate the tradition of Jerk

5/9/2013 - Bom Jesus, traditional coffee brand that was born in the Serra Gaucha and expanded by South and Sout

Minimum price do not like the coffee sector

5/9/2013 - The Government made official yesterday (7/5), a minimum price for the Arabica coffee. The value was


5/9/2013 - Ambev signed yesterday a memorandum of understanding for the construction of a brewery in the city o

Coca-Cola leads Brazil flag colors for cans

5/9/2013 - For the first time, Coca-Cola will change the color of its traditional red Tin. The packaging will b

Braskem's profit in the first quarter exceeds expectations

5/9/2013 - Braskem surpassed analysts ' expectations with respect to its result in the first quarter of 2013 to

Close Up changes and brings new look to 2013

5/8/2013 - To enhance the connection that already has with the young audience, Close Up in 2013 brings a whole

Toledo brings new scale and slicers for the family line Prix

5/8/2013 - News are displayed in the largest supermarket of Latin America.

General Brands Launches Camp with candied orange juice

5/8/2013 - General Brands Launches Orange nectar with Homemade candied orange Camp.

Refrigerator Saudali renews packaging

5/8/2013 - The Fridge Saudali renewed packaging lines Apreciatta and Saudali. The redesign was done by Obah Des

Playstation is 30% cheaper with production in Brazil

5/8/2013 - After years of expectations, Sony today announced that it will manufacture in Brazil the PlayStation

Vehicle production rises 30.7% in April

5/8/2013 - Vehicle production in the country rose by 30.7% in April, compared to the same period last year. In

Dufry has 60% lower profit in first quarter

5/8/2013 - The travel retailer Dufry showed net income of r $ 19 million in the first quarter of 2013, down 60.

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