Monday, September 30, 2013

Force and Jofer develop together, special packaging for premium product

Partnership created packaging that reflects the refinement of the packed product, besides ensuring their safety in transport and POS

The packaging for Blue Ribbon Cheese developed in partnership between Jofer and Force, received on the last day of September 18 the prestigious ABRE (Brazilian packaging Association)-Brazilian Association of packaging.

The initial project was considered a challenge by virtue of product considerable variation in dimensional, emerging the need to create a package that suited the song in cheese, allow visual access to the consumer and keep it inviolate and motionless in the distribution and exhibition at the POS. Thus, to ensure the excellent structure and good finish, was produced with duplex paperboard coating, printing, colors 4–0 Klafold varnish base d ´ water, cut and creased. It also has internal structure with bassinet in microondulado that offers resistance and ensures the integrity of the product, as well as the adhesive seal that ensures the positioning and inviolability. Your special diamond-shaped design and graphic design that brings together colors and special finishes add sophistication and highlight the product at the POS.

In addition to the partnership in development, the packing is provided by Jofer already pre-assembled, which makes it easier and reduces the cost in the production line.

"The package in the category, represents a major break from concept, considering the existing standardization for cheeses and the symbology of recycling used", explains Chadi Menegazzo & research development of Packaging of the Force.

The principle was created as a limited edition, however, due to the great acceptance and success in sales, came to be produced three times more than its initial volume and with expectations of new productions as line item. The product was originally designed for retail, however, due to its presenteável design was marketed in B2B with spontaneous demand.

"We analyze the product and tailor each project with the aim to translate in a manner faithful to the quality of the product packed in order to meet our customer's expectations and take the best solution to the target audience, this is our great challenge. We are happy with the award and with the achievement of this important marketing tool. The excellent acceptance had already been perceived through the shelves and now we received in the form of "trophy, celebrates Silvia Laluce and creation of development coordinator Jofer packaging.
Frisson Assessoria - 26/09/2013
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