Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taste of Jerk: Silver has inspired ice cream options in typical sweets

The company has transformed the traditional sweets in ice cream June of paçoca, cotton candy, love Apple, coconut with pumpkin and corn. The ice cream packaging brings the characters of Maurício de Sousa
One of the more traditional times and expected by the Brazilians are the jerk. From North to South, people gather to dance the gang caipira dresses, jumping fire and, above all, enjoy the delicacies typical of the time. Among the tidbits favoured by "rednecks" are paçoca, cotton candy, corn, Apple of love and the sweet pumpkin with coconut.
The ice cream and popsicles has inspired Silver in these flavors and indicates to whom loves to jerk. Are typically Brazilian options that combine with the celebrations of the days of St. Anthony, St. Peter and St. John who happen across corner of Brazil.
Love Apple
Made with natural fruit juice, the new popsicle the Jundiá offers unparalleled flavor of classical and romantic Love Apple. Each package, in addition to being illustrated by the characters of Maurício de Sousa, has an adhesive. Are 24 different sticks with Monica's face, chives, Magali and Smudge in the young.
With a flaked sweet, the ice cream pieces Jundiá Paçoca honors one of the most traditional sweets of the jerk. In version 2 liter pot, the product in its packaging brings the characters "rednecks" favourites of children: Chico Bento and Rosie, of Monica's gang.
Coco with pumpkin
To leave the winter and the jerk even more delicious, the Jundiá Coconut ice cream with the pumpkin. Sold in bottles of 2 liters, the delicious combination appeals to the entire family and offers a nutritionally complete food and packed with proteins and vitamins.
Cotton Candy
Artificially flavored and colored with the smell of cotton candy, the Popsicle has unmistakable flavor and zero trans fat. With creamy texture that conquers the palate of the children, the ice cream also has unique designs of Turma da Mônica in its packaging.
Green Corn
It is baked in the form of pamonha cural, or Corn is part of the jerk and is one of the most consumed items during the season. And of course the Silver has the flavor in its product line and indicates the Popsicle for those who want to take advantage of the party and be delighted with this classic.
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