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August, 2016

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Nestle sales grow in the first half in Brazil

8/19/2016 - Nestlé presents the overall results in the first half and Brazil has good performance. For the Count

Intention of advancing 0.9% consumption in August

8/19/2016 - São Paulo-for the first time in six months the intention of household consumption (ICF), established

Grain textures value pack of bread

8/19/2016 - Most modern and attractive in the gondolas, the new Slim line packaging, Milani, for transparency in

After used, is planted

8/19/2016 - A green pencil mark that can be planted after use, seeking partners in Brazil. The Danish Michael St

Dow and Nordmeccanica announce revolutionary technology in flexible packaging...

8/19/2016 - Dow and Nordmeccanica SpA, just announced the launch of a revolutionary technology that combines bot

Verallia launches video with trends towards 2017

8/19/2016 - Fashion, architecture, design and even sóciobiológicos behaviors. As occurs every year, the Verallia

Tetra Pak and Henkel innovate with launch of special adhesive for packaging o...

8/19/2016 - Tetra Pak, in partnership with Henkel, a leader in solutions of adhesives, sealants and surface trea

Little diaper industry overcomes crisis with cheap items

8/19/2016 - Sao Paulo-the search for cheaper products, amid the shrinking of the Brazilian''s income comes drivi

Congraf participates in the Food Ingredients South America/Innova Pack in par...

8/18/2016 - Set candy packaging developed by companies will be one of the highlights of the Ibema

Consumption of long life '' defies '' high prices

8/18/2016 - Despite the sharply higher prices in the domestic market, long-life milk consumption should grow thi

Prejudice to billionaire supermarkets record 2.26% of losses in 2015

8/18/2016 - The Brazilian supermarket sector posted a 2.26% of index losses in 2015, which represents around R$

Finishing material leads purchase intent

8/18/2016 - According to the study "strategic opportunities for development of new markets in the consumer Persp

Networks launch gift card for businesses

8/18/2016 -, sites and launch exclusive gift card for companies tha

Domestic vodka Advances in the Premium segment

8/18/2016 - Aiming at a good time for the Super Premium segment, developed a product with Kalvelage standard in

Brazilian Congress makes room for packing companies expose their packaging, p...

8/18/2016 - Tetra Pak, Braskem, HP, Converplast and Coesia are some of the companies committed to the event whic

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