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August, 2016

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Exclusive commercialization launches generic Ultrafarma

8/16/2016 - The Ultrafarma announced the first generic with exclusive distribution of the brand, thanks to a par

Bulletin Focus market raises inflation projection to 7.31% in year

8/16/2016 - Second Focus Bulletin released on Monday (15), after prices accelerate in July, revised projections

Packs of beer have indication of calories

8/16/2016 - In the United States, all packaging of beer will have the presence of the table with nutritional inf

Retraction in soft drinks is here to stay

8/16/2016 - The Brazilian soft drink market reached its point of maturity, with decline in sales in the last fou

Tamales from Brazil to Europe

8/15/2016 - São Paulo – traditional product at the tables of many Brazilians, the Tamale is gaining the world wi

Pharmacies with personalized service

8/15/2016 - The frequency with which consumers go to the pharmacy only gets behind the number of visits that mak

Grids are pioneers in discounts and accumulation of points

8/15/2016 - The Sugarloaf was the first supermarket chain of Brazil to create a loyalty program, called Sugar Lo

2016-2017 biennium frozen industry predicts strong growth

8/15/2016 - With 70% of its business focused on supermarkets and 30% for bakeries, Dipães, which grew 69% 2014 2

Signs of recovery trade reacts through E-commerce

8/15/2016 - Signs of RecuperaçãoPara to FecomercioSP, after the good results of online sales with mother''s day

Change of command ABAD announces new President

8/15/2016 - The Brazilian Association of wholesalers and distributors announced its new Board for the biennium 2

July index rises the prices of construction materials

8/15/2016 - According to data of the INCC/SINAPI, calculated by the IBGE, the General level of prices of constru

The bread line Pitlak Group partnership with the Walmart Group

8/15/2016 - The Paraná Pitlak Group, specialized in frozen foods and holds the brands Mr. Cheff (Cheese buns) an

Nescafé launches operation double filtering technology

8/15/2016 - The Nescafe introduces its new dual-filtering technology. Classified as a concept unheard of in Braz

Light recoil average ticket holds steady on father''s day

8/15/2016 - Second national survey on the intention to Buy for father''s day, sponsored by Fecomercio RJ/Ipsos,

JBS provides for new tariff adjustments of rates for this year

8/15/2016 - JBS reduced prices in the Brazilian market in 8% in the second quarter and should promote adjustment

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