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Copom makes new cut and Selic rate drops to 2% per year

8/6/2020 - Decision marks the ninth cut followed in the basic interest rate. With this reduction, historical minimum renew rate.

The good transforms packaging into products

8/6/2020 - Bagaço Project will develop items such as bicycles, tiles and glasses with the recycling of the long life boxes produced by the brand.

Group 3corações takes over mitsui alimentos operations

8/6/2020 - Company will assume 100% of the shares of the roasted and ground coffee division of Mitsui Alimentos in the country.

Standardization of mixed cargo packaging for the FLV sector

8/6/2020 - Project reduces losses and brings benefits to retailers and supermarkets ceagesp customers.

Father's Day shakes up malls

8/6/2020 - 81% of consumers plan to buy gifts

Del Valle has first juice in returnable bottle of the Brazilian market

8/6/2020 - Del Valle Frut in orange and grape flavors, in returnable pet bottles of two liters.

Magazine Luiza buys two companies and a technology platform

8/6/2020 - Transactions mark Magalu's entry into the online advertising segment.

Forest Chocolate

8/6/2020 - Release includes five versions on tablets

Inflation rises 0.36% in July, the highest for the month since 2016

8/7/2020 - Gasoline and electricity helped pull the index. Data were released on Friday by IBGE

Lindt announces launch of first-rate vegan, made with oatmilk

8/7/2020 - The bars will be wrapped in recyclable packaging and initially will have only three flavors

Hygiene as a marketing strategy

8/7/2020 - What was once a basic obligation has become a key item of differentiation and even loyalty.

The digital transformation of the global economy

8/7/2020 - The health crisis confirms that the way we use technology will change forever.

Hortifràti Marketplace

8/7/2020 - Ceasa Fair revenues jump 500%

Nestlé Sour Cream undergoes rebranding

8/7/2020 - Nestlé Sour Cream gains a complete renewal in its visual identity.

McDonald's cria o Family Box

8/7/2020 - Combo enables combinations and discounts

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