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Klabin buys paper and cardboard business from IP for R$ 330 million

3/30/2020 - Klabin announced on Sunday night the acquisition of the packaging and corrugated paper business of International Paper do Brasil (IP) for 330 million reais.

How can packaging help a brand stand out in the cosmetics and personal care s...

3/30/2020 - As one of the most important points of contact of brands with their audience, packaging is valuable parts in the strategies of selling and disseminating a product. And in the case of cosmetics and personal care, they need to be further valued, as they contribute

JBS Metallic Packaging Invests R$ 13 Million

3/30/2020 - JBS Embalagens Metálicas has just invested R$ 13 million in the modernization of equipment and processes for the manufacture of cans for meat products. The contribution was directed to his unit located in Lins, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. In addition to doubling the production capacity in the

59% of People Are Working in Home Office

3/30/2020 - With the Covid-19 pandemic, 59.9% of Brazilians are working in the home office and 40.1% are not. With this, 41.6% is using new productivity tools for video conferencing calls and other online content generation tools. More than 15% of Brazilians will not survive without billing for a month, according to Hibou, a market research and monitoring company, in partnership with Indico, a data platform.

Lack of raw material worries alcohol gel manufacturers in the country

3/30/2020 - According to Abihpec's estimate, industry revenues with the product are expected to grow more than 10-fold in 2020 compared to 2019 Abihpec (Brazilian Association of The Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry) stated that carbopol, a raw material used in

Nielsen: Food, Health and Cleanup Sales Skyrocket by Covid-19 in Latin America

3/31/2020 - With the daily growth of cases of the disease caused by the new coronavirus Covid-19, consumers in Latin America rushed to buy Cleanliness, Health and Food items, nielsen, a global market intelligence reference company, said.

Abradilan Guarantees Sufficient Stocks

3/31/2020 - The Brazilian Association of Distribution and Logistics of Pharmaceutical Products (Abradilan) states that the pharmaceutical industry continues to operate normally and manufactureessential medicines for the health of the population, with stocks of distributors sufficient to meet the demand

Paulistas Supermarkets Advance 11.4%, Says Apas

3/31/2020 - The supermarket sector of São Paulo recorded growth of 11.4% in sales last Wednesday (25), second day of quarantine determined by the State Government. The data is from the São Paulo Association of Supermarkets (Apas) and was compared with February 26, which also fell in

Entities Ensure That Food Will Not Be Lacking

3/31/2020 - The Intelligence network organized by the Federation of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo (Faesp) and the National Rural Learning Service (Senar), with support from Ceagesp and class entities of the supply chain, report that the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo operates with

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