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August, 2016

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Wellbeing of the team raises productivity

8/24/2016 - Press staff for results may not be a good output, according to research from Sodexo made with more t

Miller''s operations in Brazil may suffer changes

8/24/2016 - In a statement released on Tuesday (23/08), the Miller of Brazil reported that, on the recommendatio

Luiza Trajano asks for reduced rate of FAP

8/24/2016 - During the event, facing the 2016 Latam retail sector, and it takes place annually in São Paulo, Lui

Muffato Offers pay per Application

8/24/2016 - Customers of the Super can afford their purchases already Muffato in stores the application network

25% of men Buy beauty treatments

8/24/2016 - A national survey done by the credit protection service (SPC Brazil) and by the National Confederati

Quilmes brewery will invest $ 1.8 bi in Argentina until 2020

8/24/2016 - Buenos Aires-the Quilmes brewery will invest about of 1.81 billion dollars in Argentina from 2016 to

Sharp will review agreements to boost global presence

8/24/2016 - Tokyo-Japanese electronics maker Sharp said on Tuesday that will review their licensing agreements o

Whirlpool''s capsule and company Ambev will have factory in the country

8/24/2016 - São Paulo-when it was created in May last year, b. blend was expecting to sell a good amount of Guar

Pfizer buying biotech company Medivation

8/23/2016 - The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has confirmed in a statement the purchase of biotech company Medivat

World Tourism will grow 3.1% in 2016, WTTC says

8/23/2016 - The World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC), an organization that brings together the largest tourism co

Camex zera tax for importing vaccines against HPV and triple

8/23/2016 - The foreign trade Chamber (Camex) edited resolution resets the import tax rate of HPV vaccines and t

BRF will reduce in 30% sodium content in 40 Healthy brand products

8/23/2016 - The BRF, owner of the brands Sadia and Perdigão, announced yesterday the 30% reduction in the sodium

Rice package reaches R$ 43.90 in Cuiabá and milk to $ 9, points Procon

8/23/2016 - The price of rice (5 kg Pack) in Cuiabá enough to 43.90 and R$ UHT whole milk (box) R$ 8.99. The fin

SP trade reaches an appropriate level of stocks

8/23/2016 - São Paulo-stocks in the retail trade of the metropolitan region of São Paulo reached levels regarded

Regina is the second leading provider of Special Cheese

8/23/2016 - The Regina brand, the dairy company Barbosa & Marques, is among the major suppliers of special chees

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