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August, 2016

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Xandô must grow 30% this year

8/30/2016 - After 1 2015 it was necessary to work harder to sell the same volume, the Dairy Xandô expects a high

Aluminum differentiators enable creation of innovative packaging for food and...

8/30/2016 - The versatility and the practical advantages of aluminum sheet enable the development of new solutio

Digital market at high

8/30/2016 - Against the grain of the crisis faced by Brazil, there are some e-commerces in the growth process. I

Supermarkets are greater benefit from the sale of the bag, pointing consumers...

8/29/2016 - For 79% of São Paulo, the City Council should bring down the Mayor''s veto Haddad and annul the deci

Consumer confidence rises

8/29/2016 - The ICC (index of consumer confidence) advanced 2.6 points in August compared with July, going from

Demand for consumer credit has high of 11.9% in July

8/29/2016 - In July the indicator of demand for Consumer Credit pointed 11.9% high on evaluation against June, d

Classy Brands and Florale Announce Merger

8/29/2016 - The Classy Brands, importer and distributor of national and international brands, and the Floral, co

Senior client prefers neighborhood store

8/29/2016 - São Paulo-While the arm wrestling between the retailers focus on winning the young audience, senior

After crisis in retail, Fnac and hail will decrease size of shops in the country

8/29/2016 - São Paulo-after the network of bookshops Sami spread last week that undergoes a process of revising

Restoque and Inbrands close merger negotiation without agreement

8/29/2016 - Fashion retail networks of high standard Restoque and Inbrands announced yesterday that ended withou

Elephant marks and do recall Pomarola extract and tomato sauce

8/29/2016 - Cargill Agrícola s.a. initiated a recall to collect 3 market lots of extract and tomato sauce and El

Coca-Cola is first on the list "Fortune" to replace all the water used

8/29/2016 - Copenhagen-the beverage manufacturer Coca Cola is the first of the 500 largest companies list "Fortu

Fast food networks keep expansion plans despite the crisis

8/29/2016 - Sao Paulo-the brazilian economy''s slowdown has not affected the plans of the fast food networks tha

Sell vehicles '' mature '' advances 6.9%

8/29/2016 - Convenience and less time in the offsets were the reasons that led the system to change the Belt Vin

Half of the restaurants is in danger of closing in 1 year

8/26/2016 - Hit by the fall in the movement and an accumulated inflation of 7% in 2016 in food, five out of ten

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