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August, 2016

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Pokémon Go generates hunting for phone accessories in Brazil

8/31/2016 - SAO PAULO-the Pokémon Go application, global fever that came to Brazil for almost a month, is moving

Supermarket sales in July rise 4.2% over a year earlier

8/31/2016 - SAO PAULO-The actual sales of supermarkets in the country went up 4,2% in July compared with same pe

Johnson and Johnson CD opens in Goiânia

8/31/2016 - Johnson Johnson Brazil inaugurated consumption &, in Goiania, his new CD (distribution center), whic

Intention of funding grows 3.5% in August

8/31/2016 - The index of intended Financing presented high 3.5% in August compared with the previous month and r

Mondelez withdraws offer to buy Hershey

8/31/2016 - The Mondelez International, manufacturer of candy and snacks, withdrew on Monday (8/29) the offer of

Sales should grow 25% in week of fish

8/31/2016 - From 1 to 15 of September happens the 13th Week of the fish in supermarkets across the country. Crea

Supermarkets pile up 0.66 high in sales

8/31/2016 - Supermarket industry sales high of 0.66%, presented in real values, deflated by the IPCA/IBGE, year

Franchising has high rated 8.1%

8/31/2016 - The Brazilian Franchising Association found a nominal growth of 8.1% in industry revenue in the seco

Export of Brazilian Wine Grows 33%

8/31/2016 - With $ 2,200,000 and sparkling wines exported in the first six months of the year, the Brazilian win

After NEW YORK, Porto Alegre prohibits fresh fish without prior freeze

8/30/2016 - Caused great repercussions in August 2015 1 New York City Ordinance that prohibited the use of fresh

Lack of disclosure weakens the textile sector

8/30/2016 - One of the sectors that, although no such representation in the greater ABC, as the automotive indus

A total turnover of neighborhood shops with imported and natural items

8/30/2016 - The segment of small markets, located in residential neighborhoods, already represents 35% of indust

Economists point to more inflation in 2016 and 2017

8/30/2016 - Economists ears weekly for BC (Central Bank) increased their projections for inflation this year and

JBS metal packaging expands segment and aerosol cans

8/30/2016 - JBS metal packaging has just released its first line of aerosol cans in Lins, São Paulo State. JBS b

Mushroom producer launches shimeji for microwave

8/30/2016 - The Brazilians are accustomed to eating mushrooms in Japanese restaurant. The shimeji, for example,

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