Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pokémon Go generates hunting for phone accessories in Brazil

SAO PAULO-the Pokémon Go application, global fever that came to Brazil for almost a month, is moving not just players, but also the sector of accessories for mobile phones in Brazil.
For users to be able to capture the game characters, the application uses functions such as mobile internet and satellite tracking devices, which leads to a high battery consumption, unloading quickly. As a consequence, the demand for accessories such as portable chargers for mobile has shown strong growth.
In the e-commerce site the free market, the "search for these devices grew 455% the first week of August in relation to the first weeks of the last three months," the company without citing numbers of units. Already the Submarine, B2W, identified a 390% increase in the total volume sold of Smartphone batteries and Chargers in August compared with the same month of 2015.
Meanwhile, the PowerBank Brazil, importer of portable Chargers headquartered in Rio Grande do Sul, has seen demand grow 130% in August compared to July, that attaches to the application. "We had a very large increase in sales because of the game compared to the previous month, both on our site and in store," said commercial director Gustavo Barrios Ractz.
Seizing the moment, the store has launched a portable charger that mimics a Poké Ball, that product has been "quite sought after by customers," according to Ractz.
However, the company does not intend to increase the volume of its imports to meet the demand caused by the Pokémon Go: "we are reviewing to see if it is a fever or if the game is going to play," said Ractz.
The game was officially released in Brazil on August 3, but the Niantic Labs, developer of the application, has not reported how many users the game has in Brazil currently. At the time of posting in the country, the Pokémon Go had already attracted about of 21,000,000 active users only in the United States.
On Avenida Paulista, important business region of São Paulo, the search for accessories by users of the game also grew in both formal and informal trade. The region has attracted many players due to the large amount of pokéstops, where virtual items available help in capturing Pokémon and the evolution of the characters.
Fnac, retailer specializing in technology and culture, estimates that the sale of "portable Chargers doubled in the week following the release of the game compared to the previous week," said the company.
The network store on Avenida Paulista noted "an increase even higher" because the building was chosen as one of the gyms used by players in battles that happen between the characters in the game.
Due to the operation of the game, based on geolocation, users can only engage in the fights of the gyms if they''re exactly on the site of the arena, which causes users to spend more time on these points.
According to representatives of Fnac, the choice was a surprise because the company was informed by the Niantic, that could store a gym for Pokemon.
The hawker Jordelândio Ferreira Dean, 43 years, stated that the demand for portable Chargers in your kiosk, at the crossroads of brigadero Luís Antônio and São Paulo, increased shortly after the release of the game, but like Ractz, PowerBank Brazil, has doubts about whether the game is here to stay.
"Gave an improved (in sales of accessories) at the beginning. But now a few days seeing more, others less, "commented.
The use of the application was what motivated the student Francisco Antonio Magueta Aielo, 16 years, that played in the region of Paulista Avenue on Saturday, buying a portable charger. "The game was consuming too much battery. It''s good to have a charger to not run out in the middle of the day, as a precaution, "he said.
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