Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lack of disclosure weakens the textile sector

One of the sectors that, although no such representation in the greater ABC, as the automotive industry, contribute to the local economy is the textile and apparel business. And one of the drawbacks to the expansion of this small remarkable is precisely the lack of dissemination, in addition to the high tax burden, which makes their products.
As numbers of APL (Local productive Arrangement) textiles and Clothing of the greater ABC, there are currently around 3,000 companies in seven cities. As for the revenues generated in these ventures, still don''t have the information as firms move together. But the APL plans to conduct this survey in future.
Across the country, Abit (Brazilian Association of Textile and Clothing Industry) show that, despite the billing of the segment have retracted 3.9% in 2015, adding 121 R$ billion, it is expected to increase to 4.9% this year.
For the textile and clothing sector present substantial growth, there needs to be a number of improvements in both regional and national scope. "We need to put barriers on imports of textile products, because there are many competitors out there, and with very low prices. In addition, we have a strong internal tax war, since taxes are too high. Not to mention that lack of disclosure our segment ", the owner of Luktal Clothing, Marco Ciconello, which produces women''s and children''s fashion in São Bernardo.
To help change this scenario, to publicize regional projects and stimulate local consumption, the APL and the Economic Development Agency of the greater ABC organizes the second edition of the ABC Fashion. Last week, there was the opening of the event in order to present market trends and business opportunities. The initiative will be completed in September 28, with parade in Golden Square Mall, in São Bernardo, the 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
To the Coordinator of the APL, Antonio Vaccaro Trumpet, Toninho, in spite of the difficulties faced by the segment, it is necessary to keep expectations high. "The event happens to make the disclosure of the sector in the region, to let everyone know that there is provision in this area from the greater ABC, and she comes on constant improvement. We hope that the public learn more about this market and that, thus, the powered business. "
CINARA Ziviane, partner of Salting, manufacturer of swimwear of St. Andrew, who plays only with online sales, will participate in the event, and expects its sales to grow 10% this year, without disclosing numbers. "In addition, the trend towards the end of the year is always more optimistic than in the first half. For all the market is better, "says the entrepreneur.
Another company present on ABC will be the Luktal Fashion Clothing. Not as optimistic as Cinara, Ciconello estimates fall between 15% and 20% of its revenue, which revolves around 3,000,000 R$. "Even with this background of weak economy, I hope improves for the Christmas sales, which can be felt soon, since we work with advance orders. The expectation of resumption is great, but we don''t know yet what''s going to happen, "he explains.
Toninho, who is also Director of Via Santony, manufacturer of male costumes a rigor and social, is hopeful about the results of the event. "The idea is to keep the Union between entrepreneurs and employees, for us to win the crisis together. We hope that the textile and clothing sector is recognised, "he says. Via Santony invoice about of 3,500,000 R$ and, according to Cathie, the amount must be held this year.
Among the activities of the ABC Fashion, on the 1st of September will be held at the Centro Universitário da FEI, in São Bernardo, Conference on labor relations and economic situation and internationalisation of the sector.
The parade will use parts produced by companies that make up the APL and the VIC (Wearing and investing the ABCDMRR Converters). The APL consists of 42 firms, which employ 800 professionals, and gather in pursuit of improvements in labor qualification; technology and innovation; Research; financing and credit lines; new markets; networking and relationship.
Fonte: Jornal Diário do Grande ABC - 29/08/2016
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