Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mushroom producer launches shimeji for microwave

The Brazilians are accustomed to eating mushrooms in Japanese restaurant. The shimeji, for example, is prepared with butter, shoyo and oriental touch.
And if you want to do at home? The entrepreneur Paul Kawakami is a great producer of mushrooms and has a cultivation in Mogi das Cruzes, in greater São Paulo.
This year he launched the shimeji for microwave, an investment of R$ 30000. The money was used to create a new package and develop the sauce, which goes along in a sachet. To be prepared in the microwave, the shimeji is also shredded for easy consumption. The preparation time is 3 minutes.
However, to cultivate the mushroom is much more complicated. In the last two months the company produced 10 tons of mushroom. Only with the sale of the company, shimeji microwave made 50000 R$ last month.
To promote the product, the entrepreneur makes tasting at points of sale. Is a type of marketing that seems simple, but has specific rules. The market consultant Sergio Molinari explains that tasting is a very well-planned marketing strategy. "A lot depends on the product offered," guides.
Food and drinks have favorable appeal because in the Act of tasting the person already has the opportunity to meet. The first rule for betting in that strategy is that the exhibitor has to stay near the product in the gondola.
Secondly, the tasting cause impact on consumer''s senses. Rule number three is to know how to select and train well the clerk, who must know the product. Finally, the product has to be tasting target in promotion at the point of sale. A good tasting campaign should address 200 people per day. The conversion rate, i.e. the people who taste and buy, must be between 5% and 10%.
AV. Geeta Bertaioli Junior, 70-site Nayumi-Neighborhood Because of Wands
Mogi das Cruzes/SP – ZIP CODE: 08753-310
Phone: (11) 47210550/(11) 95898-0262
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/NayumiCogumelos/?fref=ts
Fonte: PEGN - 28/08/2016
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