Tuesday, August 30, 2016

After NEW YORK, Porto Alegre prohibits fresh fish without prior freeze

Caused great repercussions in August 2015 1 New York City Ordinance that prohibited the use of fresh fish in the Eastern cuisine restaurants that had not gone through a prior freezing. A year later, stimulated by the example of New York City, the city of Porto Alegre downloaded 1109 Ordinance/2016 (download here), with very similar effects and the objective to eliminate parasites.
The document, signed by Ferdinand Ritter, municipal Secretary of health, basically makes it required something similar to what the national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) offers as a recommendation: freezing the fish to -20° C for seven days or -35° C for 15 hours. However, unlike the American version, the Gaucho Ordinance distinguishes between the origin of the fish.
The species from the high seas should be frozen at some of its stages as two suggested techniques: -20° C, for at least 24 hours, or -35, for at least 15 hours. The procedure needs to be established by the supplier industry, which must still deliver the product to establish frozen in temperature below -18° C or as specified on the label.
Already the fish in captivity, considered negligible risk for parasites, can be received and stored in refrigerated form, with temperature less than or equal to 3° C and documentary proof. All raw fish fillets, as well as sushi and sashimi, already prepared, must be kept chilled below 5° C immediately before exposure, with records of each monitoring.
The document still determinations about the pH of seasoned rice, which needs to be monitored frequently and cannot exceed 4.5. In addition to New York, to Spain, the city of London, Wales, Northern Ireland and the province of Ontario in Canada, have similar laws
Course for fitness
The city of Porto Alegre will hold, on 22 September, a specific training course aimed at managers, technicians, handlers and owners of restaurants specializing in Japanese cuisine. The course will be coordinated by the surveillance team food general health surveillance Coordination of SMS.
50 vacancies are offered. The course will deal with the peculiarities of the productive process of sushi and sashimi, the risks involved in the production and manipulation and sanitary controls required by the city. The training will be held in the Auditorium of the CGVS, the avenida Padre Cacique, 372/2nd floor, the 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm.
Fonte: Abras - 29/08/2016
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