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August, 2013

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JSL rises 50% gain, but margins fall

8/14/2013 - The JSL, specializing in logistics and sale of vehicles, posted a consolidated net profit of R $ 22.

GranBio and Rhodia unite to produce biochemicals in Brazil

8/14/2013 - The GranBio, company controlled by investment holding family Gran Gradin, and Rhodia, Solvay, the Be

Lysoform features antibacterial soaps

8/13/2013 - The Brill Cosmetics group company Bombril, throws the Lysoform Antibacterial Soaps. The novelty is p

Yara assumes leadership in fertilizers in Brazil

8/13/2013 - The participation of the Norwegian company Yara in the Brazilian market of fertilizers is expected t

Innovation changes the game in retail a

8/13/2013 - The arrival of two low-cost vehicles with a lot of aggregate technology has changed over the past 12

Tirol launches special milk

8/13/2013 - The Tirol launches the special Thin milk skim, Select ' full and Supreme.

With racing in the mud, Reebok grows

8/13/2013 - Adidas, the German giant sporting goods sector, can finally benefit from Reebok, which has taken pla

Dailus eyeliner Color presents new packaging

8/13/2013 - With more practical format, the Dailus Color Eyeliner promises good fixing and pigmentation The eye


8/13/2013 - The Brazilian pulp and paper sector closed the first half of 2013 with a positive balance in the pro

Weber Haus launches new kit caipirinha

8/13/2013 - A recent release with the timbre Weber Haus proposes the practical application of the concept of fam


8/13/2013 - With the advancement of the consumption of processed foods, grows the food packaging market. An eye

Sell autoparts has 8.2% high in 1st semester

8/13/2013 - Auto sales in reais grew 8.2% in deflated in the first six months of the year. In June, however, in

Arcor repositions Butter Toffees and launches new flavors

8/12/2013 - The Arcor of Brazil announces news in your portfolio for 2013. The entry of new flavors and partners

Chinese invasion: Brazil will receive new brands of Asian country

8/12/2013 - A new Chinese invasion is about to happen in Brazil. This time, landing on domestic soil will happen

Integralmédica develops vending machines of supplements

8/12/2013 - The Integralmédica is the first company in the country to deploy the concept of vending machines of

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