Thursday, August 29, 2013

Green plastic reaches rice packing

The Pilecco Noble, to Alegrete (RS), make available to the market, from the first of September, rice Pilecco Noble with the new packaging made of green plastic. In partnership with the producer of flexible packaging Plastrela and Braskem, producer of green polyethylene "I'm green", the Pilecco became a pioneer in the use of plastic renewable source in industry rice cooker of Brazil within the line of grains nobles.
The Braskem green plastic is produced from ethanol from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. During its production, green polyethylene captures and fixes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. It also offers the same features as the traditional polyethylene and can be recycled in existing recycling chain.
The Plastrela was responsible for the development of new packaging, which maintains the same quality and resistance of polyethylene produced with oil-based. The percentage of renewable contents of packaging will be greater than 51%, information that will monitor the seal "I'm green"
"The use of green plastic in our packaging is another company's contribution to the environment. As the product is present in thousands of homes every day, I believe the initiative should provide, in the future, the use of this technology for other segments, "said Onélio Pilecco, President of Pilecco Noble.
Embalagem Marca - 28/08/2013
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