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August, 2013

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Harald modernizes packs for all their products

8/12/2013 - The Harald will change the packaging of its products. The change is happening gradually and is part

Falling prices and sales of tablets go up 400% in year

8/12/2013 - With lower prices and greater variety of models, sales of tablets grew 400% in the country in the fi

Artists sign decorative cans Neutral snow Care

8/12/2013 - Have you ever imagined having an accessory with sophisticated design to make your bathroom more mode

Perdigão enters the mass market ready

8/12/2013 - The brand Perdigão, BRF, throws in the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Perdigão, fresh pasta

Samsung makes $ 347 million to buy German company

8/12/2013 - NEW YORK-the Samsung Group struck a deal, through its affiliates, to purchase the German specialist

Adidas Europe dribbles and profits 4% more

8/12/2013 - The German manufacturer of shoes and Adidas sporting goods rose 4% in net income for the second quar

Coca-Cola Zero takes music and technology for the packaging

8/12/2013 - Special Edition Coca-Cola Zero to Rock in Rio will have application for smartphones. For the first t

Nestle reduces revenue forecast to 2013

8/12/2013 - Nestlé reduced its revenue forecast for this year, after recording disappointing sales in Europe. Th

Milk goes up 20% in the year and place of tomatoes as a villain of inflation

8/9/2013 - Foods such as beans and the tomatoes are no longer the villains of the official inflation, which slo

Positive profit reverses and ends quarter with loss of R $ 8.2 million

8/9/2013 - The Positivo Informática reversed the profit of $ 1.6 million for the second quarter of 2012 and the

Tin of Bony Acai uses new printing techniques

8/9/2013 - The Bony Acai has just launched its new packaging, which uses ultraviolet ink. This makes the paint

New middle class boosts convenience stores, says Sindicom

8/9/2013 - In 2012, the convenience stores at gas stations in the country registered a 14.7% in 2011 as a resul

Harald modernizes packs for all their products

8/9/2013 - The Harald will change the packaging of its products. The change is happening gradually and is part

Net profit falls 18.4% in Drogasil Streak Q2

8/9/2013 - Largest network of pharmacies in the country, the streak Drogasil recorded 18.4% drop in net income

Jequiti colony DuPont Surlyn cover brings Platinum

8/9/2013 - Material was chosen for its brightness, transparency, freedom of design and sophistication São Paul

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