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August, 2013

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TNT energy has new packaging option: can of 473 ml

8/27/2013 - TNT Energy Drink, the Grupo Petrópolis, now has a new packaging option. It is 473 ml Tin, which brin

Beer label can be read upside down

8/27/2013 - The microbrewery curitibana Address Cia. Drunken launches beer Double Vienna.

Fertilizer factory of Petrobras should start producing in 2014

8/27/2013 - Nitrogenous fertilizer unit of Petrobras in Três Lagoas (MS) is expected to start producing in Septe

Petybon products extends line Grano Duro Integrali

8/27/2013 - The j. M extends the Petybon products line Grano Hard Integrali with two new products: Fusilli and N

Tambaú takes tomato for stand-up pouches of two pounds

8/27/2013 - The Tambaú Foods launches its Traditional tomato sauces, tomato paste and Pizza in stand-up pouches

Jar of Ovaltine has new format

8/27/2013 - The jar of Ovaltine powder wins new format, to tailor the product to its production line. The new pa

KVA Foods launches XTapa mineral water

8/27/2013 - The KVA foods, brand distributor XTapa, launches XTapa Mineral water. The drink is extracted from th


8/27/2013 - One of the competitive advantages of the Tin – the possibility to present themselves in appropriate

Acnase packaging changes after 40 years

8/27/2013 - After more than four decades, for the first time the traditional blue and white brand packing Acnase

New packaging of juices from Juxx arrive to the market

8/27/2013 - Change is part of the company's strategy, which aims to standardize branding The brand of juices Ju


8/27/2013 - Thinking of buying ink is to acquire the steel can for decades makes packages the product efficientl

Finn broadens portfolio and reformulates the packaging line

8/27/2013 - Finn, sweetener brand for consumers who care about the health and practice healthy habits, launches

Riachuelo breaks divide between popular fashion and luxury

8/26/2013 - The dividing line between luxury brands and popular networks sets for quick consumption will disappe

70% of purchase Dorel Canadian manufacturer of Caloi bikes

8/26/2013 - The Canadian Dorel Industries announced on Thursday (22) agreement to buy 70% of the traditional Bra

Gold penalty throws feed for birds in carton packs

8/26/2013 - Worth of gold, mining company that produces and distributes food for birds, launches a line of packa

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