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May, 2013

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Adidas profit grows and company action hits record

5/6/2013 - SAO PAULO-The Adidas shares rise 6.2% in today's trading Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the share pric

Olé throws the tomato sauce with pieces

5/6/2013 - The Preserved Olé throws the tomato sauce Braised with tomato Pieces. There are three versions of th

With incentives, the automotive sector grows 45.6% share in GDP

5/6/2013 - RIO DE JANEIRO-The Government incentives to the auto industry led to the growth of the sector in the

Xerox Launches color printer for graphic production

5/6/2013 - Xerox has just announced his newest creation: the model C75. The printer graphics production comes i

Wine-blunts production in Mines with variety and new labels

5/6/2013 - Experimental farm of Caldas is a producer on that adopted the new technique of the Epamig

Mercedes-Benz begins search for place to produce cars in Brazil

5/6/2013 - Mercedes-Benz began looking for a location for the Assembly line of cars that you want to install in

Worldwide sales of tablets trigger

5/6/2013 - Global Tablet shipments more than doubled in the first quarter and, while Apple has continued as the

Selling cars has best April in history

5/6/2013 - In the month 333.7 thousand units were sold, up 17.5 percent compared to March and 29.4% compared to

Carba features Alien energy

5/6/2013 - The Food Industry Carba launches the Alien energy.

Changed, but not the good exchange rate

5/6/2013 - One of the things that impress at Yamaha XJ6 accurate is the six-speed shifter and constant gearing.

Manufacturer of paints slight recovery is expected in 2013

5/6/2013 - After a year of stagnant sales, the ink producing industries predict slight resumption for 2013. Hea


5/3/2013 - Kraft Foods, owner of brands such as Lacta and Trident, announced yesterday results far above Wall S

Sanpellegrino acquires more a complete line of PET of the Krones

5/3/2013 - The Italian mineral water company Sanpellegrino, controlled by Nestle Waters, acquired in 2012 a com

Hyundai makes meteoric arrival to Brazil

5/3/2013 - In the last three years, few companies have as much as the Hyundai car consumption in climbing and i

Capture of large companies decreased by 2012

5/3/2013 - The capture of the country's biggest milk dairy backed down last year when the industry suffered fro

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